How to Cure Ulcerative Colitis at Home Naturally

Curing Ulcerative Colitis at Home Naturally

Inflammatory bowel diseases can occur at any age.  Severe inflammation of the mucosal lining of colon results in ulcers which are often painful as well as debilitating in nature.  Certain natural methods have known to be beneficial to most sufferers in effective management.  The goal for treatment should be to control the inflammation and correct nutritional deficiencies.

What is Ulcerative Colitis ?

Cure Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is inflammation and ulcers in the lining of the rectum and colon.  The lining of the colon becomes inflamed to the extent that it kills the cells and forms ulcers.  This also causes the colon to empty frequently.


Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue.

–       Diarrhea, rectal bleeding.

–       Abdominal cramps, nausea.

–       Joint pain.

–       In children leads to growth retardation.

–       Anemia.


Natural Treatments Cure Ulcerative Colitis Caused by:

–       Sensitivity to certain foods.

–       Genetic factors.

–       Improper functioning of the immune system.


Types of Ulcerative Colitis:

Crohn’s is a form of inflammatory bowel disease but causes inflammation deeper within the intestinal wall.  It can also occur in the mouth, esophagus, and rectum.


Treatment Options:

Treatment goal is to treat inflammatory conditions with drugs and maintain remission.  A special diet is to be followed.  Prescription drugs are recommended to relieve pain or diarrheal symptoms.  When symptoms are severe enough to threaten the patient’s overall health, surgery may be performed.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Ulcerative Colitis:

–       Dietary manipulation is effective to a certain extent.  Individuals who avoid consuming yeast, wheat, milk, and fried foods have found it beneficial.  Cutting down on meat and dairy products is also known to give relief.

–       Consume green leafy vegetables, a high fiber and complex carbohydrate diet after the healing process to avoid recurrences.

–       Avoid intake of high acidic drinks, carbonated, and alcoholic beverages.

–       Avoid fast foods or restaurant foods as far as possible.

–       Yogurt is rich in healthy bacteria called acidophilus that aids in digestion.  The pro-biotic in yogurt helps the digestive system maintain a healthy balance between the good and bad bacteria, and also has anti-inflammatory effects.  Thus it is beneficial for stomach inflammatory conditions.  Incorporate yogurt in your daily diet for better results.

–       Licorice is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and inhibits the abilities of stomach acids to damage the stomach lining.  Licorice tea is prepared by boiling 1 cup of water.  Add 1 tsp licorice root powder and remove from flame.  Steep for 5-7 min.  Strain and drink when warm.  Consume at least 3 glasses for benefits.

–       Turmeric acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and is helpful in keeping this condition in remission.  Add 1-2 g of powdered turmeric in daily recipes for maximum benefits.

–       The high amount of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil helps giving relief for ulcerative colitis sufferers.  Hence regular intake of fish oil supplements is recommended.

–       Coconut milk and coconut water helps soothe the inflammatory stomach condition.  It also boosts the immune system.  Fresh homemade coconut milk can be made by grating coconut, mixing it in a blender, and straining the milk out.  It is more beneficial than the canned ones.  Smoothies can be prepared from these and consumed often.

–       Hemp oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties.  It is ideal for salad dressings, mayonnaise, and dips but not for frying purposes.

–       Extract juice from wheat grass and add to your glass of vegetable or fruit juices to help relieve stomach inflammation.  It helps to cleanse the colon and improve digestive health.

Chronic inflammation of the stomach linings can lead to colon cancers.  Thus when the symptoms prolong or are recurrent, seek professional help.


How to Cure Thrush in Babies and Breastfeeding Mothers at Home Naturally

Curing Thrush in Babies and Breastfeeding Mothers at Home Naturally

Being a new parent is a wonderful experience, but can be difficult and stressful at times.  One of the hardships is suddenly developing sore and painful nipples after a period of pain-free breastfeeding episodes.  This is often due to a fungal infection called thrush occurring in the oral cavity of the infant.  There are, however, natural remedies available for relief.


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What is Thrush?

Cure Thrush at Home

Thrush is a disease caused by a fungus, Candida albicans, characterized by white patches.  It takes the form of a superficial, cheesy, gray-to-white matter that can be easily scraped off and commonly occurs on the tongue, inner cheek, and inner lip regions.  Thrush if left unchecked can progress into the throat causing swallowing difficulties and loss of appetite.  It can go further down to the esophagus causing respiratory problems.  It is also found on the skin and throughout the intestinal tract.

Evidence of oral thrush in babies may occur within 10 days post delivery and when breastfed, the baby infects the mother’s nipple area.

Symptoms of Thrush in Babies and Mothers That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Bright white coating on the tongue that is different from the milk debris often found on babies tongue which is off-white in color.

–       Diaper rash may occur.

–       Areola thrush may cause redness and tenderness.

–       At times vaginal yeast infection symptoms may also occur in the mother.

Natural Treatments Cure Thrush in Babies and Mothers Caused by:

–       Contaminated feeding bottle nipples and pacifiers with Candida may be the source of fungal entry into the baby’s oral cavity.

–       Dentures in children.

–       Disease conditions.

–       Immunosuppressive therapy.

–       Smoking.

–       Stress, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Treatment Options:

It is important to treat the infant and mother simultaneously, especially when the baby is breastfed.  When treating the baby, oral topical liquid or medicated cream applications with the help of a Q-tip or a small gauze is effective.  Oral medications and topical creams are often recommended for adults.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Thrush in Babies and Mothers:

–       To effectively cure thrush symptoms it is essential to begin treatment with strengthening the overall immune system.  Astragalus herb boosts the immune system.  Grate 1-inch piece ginger and 3 slices of astragalus root.  Boil 4 cups of water and add the grated roots.  Remove from flame and steep for 3-5 min.  Add lemon juice for flavor and consume 3 cups a day for benefits.

–       Reduce the consumption of sugar, refined carbohydrates, most dairy products, alcohol, and minimize smoking.

–       Apply with a cotton swab pure virgin coconut oil in and around the oral area of the infant.  Caprylic acid is the main ingredient that checks fungal growth.

–       Dip a cotton ball in yogurt and apply on the baby’s tongue and mother’s nipple.  Adults should consume plain yogurt with live acidophilus, the healthy bacteria, regularly.  Good bacteria in normal conditions check the overgrowth of Candida and help to keep it under control.

–       Dilute 1 tsp baking soda in 1 cup water and apply on the mother’s nipple area.  Baking soda has powerful anti-fungal properties.

–       Calendula is anti-fungal and soothing.  Calendula tincture applied on the nipple relieves nipple pain.  Place a handful of fresh calendula flowers in a glass jar.  Fill the jar to the top with ethanol and close.  Place the jar in a cool dry place for approximately 4 weeks.  Strain and pour the tincture into a dark bottle for storage.  When needed dilute 12 parts of this tincture with 10 parts fresh water and apply on the affected area.

–       Dilute apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp in 1 cup water and rinse nipples after each feeding.  Apple cider vinegar has been used as an antimicrobial agent since ancient times.

–       Oil of oregano contains carvacrol, a phenol, which is an antifungal agent.  Mix 5-10 drops of oil of oregano in 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil and apply on the affected area for relief.

–       Wash the nipple area, hands, and infant’s mouth after each feeding session since milk is a perfect growth medium for fugal organisms.

–       Use disposable paper nursing pads and paper towels.  Moist fabrics encourage the fungus to multiply.

Painful breastfeeding episodes are often why mother’s stop breastfeeding.  Seek immediate medical help if symptoms are persistent for quicker relief.

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How to Cure Thrush at Home Naturally [ within 3 Days ]

Curing  Thrush at Home Naturally

Fungal growth occurs throughout the internal body system and it is therefore important to maintain a healthy balance between essential bacteria and fungus.  Candida albicans is a common form of yeast present in humans known to cause oral thrush.  It also gives rise to vaginal candidiasis and is the most prevalent fungal infection among women.  Many sufferers manage to find a cure with simple home remedies.


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What is Thrush?

Cure Thrush at Home

Thrush is a superficial fungal infection characterized by white patches.  This fungal infection occurs when there is overgrowth of the fungus, Candida albicans.  The fungus normally lives in the mouth and its imbalance can lead to oral thrush.  Vaginal thrush is also caused due to an imbalance of this natural yeast present in the body.


Symptoms of Thrush That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Thick, curdy white matter on the tongue, inner cheeks and lip areas in oral thrush.

–       Scraping the white deposits off reveal an inflamed, bleeding surface beneath it at times.

–       In case of vaginal thrush, irritation or itching in the vaginal area.

–       White vaginal discharge.

–       Discomfort during sex.


Natural Treatments Cure Thrush Caused by:

–       Some bacteria are helpful in preventing yeast overgrowth.  Long-term use of antibiotics only kills these bacteria increasing the risk of developing thrush.

–       Emotional or physical stress.

–       Weak immune system.

–       Disease conditions.

–       Menopause.

–       Vaginal thrush symptoms may be aggravated by using excessively perfumed personal care products or bath oils.


Types of Thrush:

Thrush can be further classified into:

Oral thrush causes a rash like appearance inside the oral cavity at times causing eating and swallowing difficulties.

Vaginal thrush causes inflammation, irritation, and often leading to painful sexual intercourse.


Treatment Options:

To effectively cure thrush symptoms it is essential to begin treatment with strengthening the overall immune system.  Antifungal medications are normally prescribed to treat this condition.  Medicated vaginal creams and suppositories are often recommended for vaginal thrush conditions.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Thrush:

–       The best way and often the first step taken to prevent fungal overgrowth is to exercise a healthy diet and maintain a healthy immune and intestinal tract system.  Include poultry, legumes, beans, lentils and the like to help the body fight against fungal infections.

–       Spices like asafetida, cinnamon, coriander, and ajwain seeds are helpful in repulsing fungal growth.  Inculcate theses spices in everyday cooking.

–       Warm salt-water mouth rinses helps to get rid of oral fungus.

–       Garlic has natural antifungal properties.  Consume 2 fresh, raw cloves of garlic every day to reduce yeast overgrowth.  To get the maximum benefits from them, crush them up and set aside for 5 min before consuming.

–       Probiotics contain friendly bacterial that help inhibiting the growth of Candida.  Consume plain yogurt with live acidophilus, the good bacteria, regularly.

–       Clove is extremely effective in treating fungal infections.  Apply clove oil on the tongue regularly to reduce oral thrush.  Alternatively prepare tea from freshly ground cloves and consume regularly to reduce thrush symptoms.

–       Olive leaf has natural anti-fungal properties and can kill the fungus rather than just restraining its growth.  Boil 1 cup water, remove from flame and allow it to cool a bit.  Add 1 tsp dried olive leaf to this slightly hot water and steep for 5 min.  Strain and drink at least 3 cups a day.

–       Oregon grape root helps in easing irritation, itching and has antiseptic properties.  Chop the roots in small pieces.  Add 2 tsp of this chopped root to 1 cup boiling water.  Simmer for 15 min.  Strain and drink 3 cups a day.

–       Essential tea tree oil diluted and applied topically on the vaginal area relieves fungal infections.  Take ½ cup coconut oil in a glass jar and add 2 drops of tea tree oil.  Close the jar and shake well to mix both oils.  Apply this after washing and drying the area thoroughly.

–       To avoid recurrences of vaginal thrush, avoid wearing tight fitting undergarments.  Avoid use of perfumed soaps and personal care products on the vaginal area.

–       Boric acid vaginal suppositories effectively reduce vaginal thrush symptoms and are available commercially.  Boric acid is a chemical substance that contains antifungal and mild antiseptic properties.

When fungal symptoms are persistent, are not relieved by traditional natural remedies, or other concerning symptoms accompany them, try Improvised Home Remedies .


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How to Cure Throat Balls at Home Naturally [ Without Surgery ]

Get Rid of  Throat Balls at Home Naturally

Imagine coughing up big, yellowy balls from the throat when among your gang of friends!  Yep, quite embarrassing!  Throat balls are generally small, white balls with a texture like cottage cheese.  It is a cause of bad breath that can smell like skunk.  It may not only be due to poor oral hygiene, it may be caused by a host of different medical conditions.  Throat balls are typically trapped in the crevices of the tonsils.  There are various methods through which these unsightly and smelly substances can be destroyed within the comforts of your home.


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What are Throat Balls ?

 Cure Throat Balls

Tonsils are a pair of striking masses of lymphoid tissue on either side of the throat.  It is situated between the anterior and posterior pillars of the narrow passage evident between the soft palate and base of the tongue.  Throat balls occur when mucus along with other particles calcify in the back of the throat.  They appear either white or yellow in color.  Individuals with throat balls generally experience a sensation of something being lodged in the back of the throat.  The medical term used to define throat balls is tonsilloliths.

Symptoms of Throat Balls That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Constant cough that does not go away completely.

–       Appearance of white or yellow lumps on the back of the throat, basically tonsils.

–       Bad breath.

–       Ear pain.

–       Sore throat.

–       Difficulty swallowing food and liquids.

–       Larger throat balls can cause breathing difficulties.

Natural Treatments Cure Throat Balls Caused by:

The tonsils are composed of several folds and crevices.  It develops small pockets where debris, mucus, and bacteria become trapped.  When these are not eliminated efficiently, they get accumulated and eventually calcify to form throat balls. The calcified matter developed can vary in size and it is very rare that large stones are formed.  This condition is most common among constant tonsillitis sufferers.

Treatment Options:

It is quite unique that this condition may require treatment.  Most often they clear up on their own.  Many a time individuals may try and dislodge it themselves by using sterile swabs or picks, but then it can make one gag.  Antibiotics may be prescribed.  If the stones are large enough to block airflow causing breathing problems, or when recurrent, surgical removal of tonsils may be recommended.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Throat Balls:

–       A nutritious diet of fruits and vegetables and including generous servings of probiotics helps in the gradual breakdown of the stones.  Probiotics has good bacteria that fights and keeps bad bacteria at bay preventing any future outbreaks.  Home-made yogurt is a good probiotic food source.

–       Garlic is a natural antiseptic agent and works as a cleanser.  Chewing on a garlic clove before bedtime can help with throat balls.  Because of its pungent smell, it can cause bad breath soon after it is consumed.  This can be checked with proper brushing.

–       It is important to discover these yellow particles in its early stages for easy removal.  Gargling with warm salt water daily may help in dislodging them.

–       Medicine dropper with a curved end can help removing tiny throat balls.  Apply a saline solution to the back of the throat to bring the balls to the surface.  When visible, it may be easy to suck it up with the dropper.  This may however activate a gagging sensation.

–       Grape seed extract works as an antiseptic mouthwash that helps check bad breath.  Add 5 drops of grape seed extract in a glass of lukewarm water and gargle thoroughly 3 times in a day.  When done frequently it may also help in dislodging tiny throat balls naturally.

–       Drink fresh fruit juices and juices made from green vegetables with no added sweeteners.  Juices help dissolving food particles and destroys odor in the mouth.

–       Avoid alcohol, carbonated beverages, and smoking as they are known to encourage throat balls formation.

–       A good oral hygiene is recommended.  The bad breath caused due to throat balls is a result of bacterial build up.  Gargle daily and whenever possible brush teeth after every meal to keep bad breath under control.

–       Munching on solid fruits after meals may help in removing lodged food particles within the mouth that can ultimately accumulate in the back of the throat and form balls.

–       Consume water in abundance to hydrate the throat and stop the formation of throat balls.

If the throat ball condition is left untreated for long it can become a chronic problem.  When the symptoms are persistent or if there are any other concerns, do seek professional help.


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How to Cure Sprained Ankle at Home Naturally

 Curing Sprained Ankle at Home Naturally

Sprains and strains are frequently experienced by individuals active in sports.  It may occur due to overuse of muscles and tendons or due to a direct trauma.  It is a cause of excruciating pain at the time of the injury and there are several options naturally available for effective management of this condition.


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What is Sprained Ankle ?

 Cure Sprained Ankle

Ankle is the joint between the foot and the leg.  A sprain is a violent twist of a joint or muscles stretched with force causing partial tear of one or more ligaments.  Ankle sprain can occur when you fall, when you suddenly twist the ankle like when you land awkwardly on your foot after jumping, etc.


Symptoms of Sprained Ankle That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Mild bruising.

–       Pain at times with severe swelling.

–       A giving-way sensation in the ankle joint.

–       Inability to place weight on the leg making walking difficult.


Natural Treatments Cure Sprained Ankle Caused by:

–       Bend, roll, or twist the ankle beyond its normal limits.

–       On uneven surface stepping down on the foot the wrong way.

–       Leg length discrepancy.

–       Poor footwear.

–       Overweight or in poor physical condition.


Types of Sprained Ankle:

Inversion ankle sprain is the common type occurring when the foot falls inward.  When this occurs the outer ligaments are stretched too far.  Pain is felt outside the ankle joint.

Eversion ankle sprain takes place when the foot is twisted outwards.  The inner ligaments are stretched too far causing pain in the inner side of the ankle joint.


Treatment Options:

Early treatment involves total rest and elevating the ankle above heart level for 48 hrs.  Compression using an Ace bandage is done.  Ice therapy to reduce any inflammation may be recommended.  Anti-inflammatories to control pain and swelling may be given.  Strengthening muscle groups and restoring range of motion is followed.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Sprained Ankle:

–       The first step would be to elevate the leg in front of you on a chair.  Place an ice bag on the sprained ankle.  This will help to reduce any swelling or bruising.  Use an elastic bandage to support the ankle.  Replace the ice pack after 40 minutes.  Remove the bandage before bedtime.

–       Immerse the leg in warm water to which 4 drops of sweet Marjoram essential oil is added.  Alternately place the leg in cold water for 30 sec.  Continue for 5-10 min twice a day.  End with dipping the leg in cold water.  Sweet Marjoram essential oil acts as an analgesic.

–       After a week gently rotate and flex the foot for a few minutes every day.

–       Chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothing the nerves, thus help in dealing with any anxiety feelings.  Boil 1 cup of water.  Sprinkle 1 tsp dried chamomile flowers onto the water and boil further for 1 min with the lid closed.  Remove from flame and steep for 3 min.  Strain, add honey and consume 3 cups a day.

–       Apply aloe vera gel around the ankle area before retying of bandage every time to keep the skin hydrated.  It also contains anti-inflammatory hormones that help in the healing process.

–       Apply peppermint essential oil mixed in coconut oil on the ankle area and wrap with a wet warm compress to reduce the tension in the ligaments. Peppermint oil has a soothing and cooling effect, and anti-inflammatory and pain blocking properties.

–       Celery has natural anti-inflammatory properties and helps in reducing swelling and pain around the joint.  Adding natural anti-inflammatory herbs like celery, Chinese cabbage, turmeric in the diet can give relief.

–       The enzyme bromelain help to reduce tissue swelling and pain and speeds up the healing process.  Pineapple is a rich source of bromelain.  Accommodate this fruit frequently into your diet.

–       Comfrey has natural substances that facilitate healing and helps in the production of new cells.  Boil some water, remove from flame, and allow 3 min to cool.  Pour enough water to cover ½ cup dried comfrey root and steep for 20 min.  Transfer into a blender and blend until a paste is formed.  Spread a thick paste onto a gauze and wrap the gauze around the ankle.  Leave it in place overnight for relief.

When pain occurs above the ankle joint or symptoms persist beyond a few days and do not improve over time, seek prompt medical help to prevent any further complications.


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How to Cure Low Sperm Count at Home Naturally

Curing  Low Sperm Count at Home Naturally

Planning a pregnancy takes two to tango.  Fertility issues are becoming more common.  There are several assisted techniques for conception, but couples always opt first for natural methods.  Low sperm count is a contributing factor to male infertility.  Food and exercises play an important role in male reproductive health.


What is Low Sperm Count?

Semen is a whitish fluid of the male reproductive tract consisting of spermatozoa suspended in secretions of accessory glands.  The fluid has an adhesive quality.

A good sperm count is essential to fertilize a female egg.  The lower limit of normal count is considered to be 10 million motile sperms per milliliter.  The medical term for this condition remains oligospermia or also oligozoospermia.


Symptoms of Low Sperm Count That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

The only known symptom of a low sperm count is the inability to father a child.  When the individual has been trying to have a baby with a fertile partner for more than 2 years, then chances of a spontaneous pregnancy is low.


Natural Treatments Cure Low Sperm Count Caused by:

–       Ageing factors, low semen levels.

–       Emotional stress.

–       Testicular exposure to overheating.

–       Smoking, alcohol consumption, or substance abuse.

–       Lack of proper nutrition.

–       Obesity.

–       Sports like bicycling, especially mountain biking.

–       Trauma.

–       Hereditary factors.


Treatment Options:

Pills or testosterone injections may be prescribed.  At times surgical correction of the varicocele may be done to improve the count.  Assisted reproductive techniques like intrauterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection are the available options for men with low sperm count to start a family.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Low Sperm Count:

–       The seminal fluid is composed mostly of water.  Maintain hydration by drinking plenty of water as it is essential for proper functioning of body cells.

–       Zinc and amino acids increased semen volume naturally.  Lobsters, crab, oysters are rich in zinc.  Turkey, chicken, pork, beef are good sources of zinc.  Nuts like peanuts, walnuts, and cashews are high in zinc.  Include these foods in your daily diet.

Walnuts and almonds are rich in amino acids that improve blood flow thereby increasing sperm count.  Munch on them regularly.

–       Omega-3 fatty acids increase blood flow which can raise the sperm count naturally.  Fish like sardines, salmon, and tuna are rich in this form of fatty acids.

–       Eggs also have high levels of vitamin B12 and selenium and can help increase sperm count.

–       Fruits and vegetables are natural antioxidants that help to get rid of toxins from the body which may be stressing out the tissues impairing sperm production.  Include organic berries, spinach, grapefruit, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, juices from orange and lemon into your diet frequently.

–       Give up caffeinated and carbonated beverages as they are known to lower sperm count.

–       Avoid frequent ejaculations as it can reduce sperm count.  Give a gap of 3-4 days between sexual intercourse to increase semen volume.

–       Avoid wearing tight undergarments.  Tight fitting underwear increases scrotal temperature which results in low sperm production.  Switch to boxers.

–       Staying for long durations in a hot tub or sauna can increase the scrotal temperature and affect the sperm production.  Follow these by washing the scrotal area with cold water to cool the body temperature.

Seek professional help when desired results are not achieved with natural approach.  There are a wide range of sophisticated methods available for conception.  Though expensive, they are known to give longing results.

How to Cure Shingles at Home Naturally

Curing  Shingles at Home Naturally

Virus is microorganisms that are capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells.  Viral infections have a tendency to linger even after the initial acute disease has been effectively treated.  It continues to remain in the host cells in a dormant state.  Sometimes it reactivates and produces further disease conditions.  Infections also develop in the skin resulting in rashes, warts or other blemishes.  Shingles is a form of viral infection that can be managed with natural methods.

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What is Shingles?

 Cure Shingles

Shingles is an acute viral inflammation of the sensory ganglia of the spinal and cranial nerves caused by reactivation of the virus known as varicella zoster that causes chickenpox.  It is associated with vesicular eruptions and neuralgic pain.  The virus that remains dormant after a bout of chickenpox becomes reactivated due to some triggers and cause shingles.


Symptoms of Shingles That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Skin rash, itching.

–       Headaches, dizziness.

–       Nausea.

–       Tingling and burning sensation on side of the body.

–       Pain, fever, and chills.


Natural Treatments Cure Shingles Caused by:

–       A weakened immune system.

–       Fatigue and stress.

–       Disease conditions

–       Intake of certain drugs.

–       Advancing age.


Treatment Options:

Treatment involves antiviral medications, but they are known to be effective only during its early stages.  Over-the-counter medicated ointments to relieve itchiness are often prescribed.  For post herpetic neuralgic pain steroids, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants may be given.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Shingles:

–       Geranium essential oil works as an astringent and is known for its healing effects on the skin.  Peppermint essential oil has anesthetic and antiseptic properties.  Eucalyptus essential oil contains antiviral compounds and help in speeding up the healing process.  Add a few drops of each essential oil to warm bath water for relief from skin rashes.

–       Tea tree oil is an effective antiviral essential oil and can be applied full strength externally on the rash areas for relief.

–       Juniper oil is a potent antiviral agent and can be used as massage oil.  Blend up to 10 drops of this essential oil in 25 ml extra virgin olive oil.  Gently massage the body with this for maximum benefits.

–       Mix 2-3 drops of oil of oregano in 1 tsp of extra virgin coconut oil and apply on the affected skin areas.  Apply this every 1-2 hours to help the body fight against shingles attack.

–       Honey helps to relieve skin itching.  It has antiseptic properties and works as an excellent moisturizer.  It also prevents scarring.  Raw, pure honey can be applied on the affected areas on a daily basis for benefits.

–       Improve the immune system by consuming vitamin C rich foods.  Kiwi, grapefruit, guava, orange, papaya, mango, etc. are good sources.

–       Elderberry is rich in compounds that inhibit the growth of virus.  To hasten recovery from shingles take 1 tsp of elderberry syrup twice daily.

Remove stem from elderberry, measure 2 cups and place in a large bowl of ice water.  Pour out the debris that floats on top.  Transfer the berry to another pot and mash with an immersion blender.  Place on heat and bring to a boil.  Mash them again after boiling and pour them into a jelly bag suspended over a large bowl.  Allow it to drain for 1 hour.  Collect the juice and return it to the cleaned pot.  Add equal amounts of sugar, boil until it froths, turn off heat, cool and pour into jars for storage.

–       Red pepper contains a compound named capsaicin which can prevent outbreaks of herpes.  Spice up your daily recipes by adding red pepper.  Capsaicin ointment containing less than 1% of the active ingredient is available commercially for pain relief in shingles sufferers.

–       It is important not to scratch the area once scabbing is formed to avoid secondary infections and permanent scarring.

Shingles is not contagious.  This condition however can be life threatening in immune suppressed individuals like cancer patients or HIV sufferers.  It is important to seek prompt medical care in such instances.


Shingles Home Cure Guide

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Recipes for Sarcoidosis Sufferers

Diet for Sarcoidosis Sufferers –  Sarcoidosis  Cook Book

Sarcoidosis is not a strange disease but a very rare condition that can present in children and elderly.  The condition is not as complicated as one might thing.  The use of natural methods and home recipes to manage this condition is gaining popularity.


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What is Sarcoidosis ?



Sarcoidosis is characterized by formation of nodules resembling small discrete lumps that can affect any organ or body system.  The nodules are basically a mass of chronically inflamed tissues that group together.  The symptoms initially begin in smaller organs of the immune system especially in lymph nodes and lungs.  Skin and eyes are also frequently involved.  This is an auto-immune disease leading to inflammation and scarring of body tissues.

Sarcoidosis sufferers do not produce enough substances essential for protein metabolism which cause granuloma formations.  Either the immune system is overactive damaging body’s own tissues or the body’s defense system does not respond as it should.  It is however not known to cause permanent tissue damage.


Symptoms of Sarcoidosis That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Persistent cough, shortness of breath.

–       Patches of red skin or raised bumps on or under the skin.

–       Red, teary eyes with blurry vision.

–       Enlarged lymph glands.

–       Swollen, painful joints.

–       Fever, night sweats.

–       Fatigue, weight loss.

Sarcoidosis is most often asymptomatic.  Thus frequently the disease is diagnosed during routine physical examination.  Since sarcoidosis is a multi-system disorder, the need for specific treatment arises when critical organs like the heart are affected.  Oral medications are generally prescribed for severe symptoms.

A healthy lifestyle with lot of exercise, a well balanced diet, and good rest is sufficient to direct the condition into remission.  The individual only needs to make an extra effort to bring the body back to its normal balance.

There are several recipes available for sarcoidosis sufferers.


Recipes for Sarcoidosis:

Bean Soup Recipe

Ingredients:  1 thin, cross-sliced bacon; sausage 8 ounces; 1 coarsely chopped large onion; 2 carrots sliced; ½ green pepper coarsely chopped; 1 medium potato cubed, ½ cabbage coarsely chopped; 2 cups diced tomatoes, 4 cups black beans, 2 celery stalks sliced; 3 garlic cloves minced; 1 tsp each of oregano, fennel seed, garam masala powder, and chili powder; 1/8 tsp each of cinnamon and cloves; 1 bay leaf, 4 cups vegetable broth; 1 cup macaroni; and salt and pepper as per taste.

Method:  Cook bacon in a large heavy bottomed pan over low heat for 3 min with the lid closed tightly.  Add sausage and over medium heat cook for 2 min.  Add onions, carrot, green pepper, celery and spices; sauté until soft.  Add the rest of the ingredients except for macaroni.  Bring to a boil then simmer for 30 min.  Add macaroni and simmer for additional 15 min.  Remove from flame and let it sit for 30 min before consuming.

Serves:  6-8.

Research has shown that it is bacteria present in granulomas that cause sarcoidosis.  These bacteria produce vitamin D thus leading to vitamin D toxicity.  The individual is advised to check vitamin D levels and if found to be high, the sufferer is recommended to limit sun exposure refrain from taking anything with added vitamin D.

Cooking with less vitamin D.


Ginger Biscuit Recipe

Ingredients:  225 g self-raising flour; granulated sugar 112 g; 1 tsp soda bicarbonate, 2 slightly heaped tsp sliced ginger; unfortified butter 112 g; golden syrup 3 tbsp; salt to taste.

Method:  Melt butter in microwave.  Mix the rest of the ingredients with melted butter in a bowl.  Combine and make balls the size of large marbles.  Place them well spaced out on a baking tray and bake at 170 degree C for 12 min.

Serves:  Approximately 24 biscuits.

Omega-3 fatty acid is recommended for sarcoidosis sufferers because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  Fat fish like mackerel and the like are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.


Mackerel with lemon stuffing.

Ingredients:  4 mackerel, slit and boned out; juice of ½ lemon; 1 bay leaf crushed; salt and freshly ground pepper to taste.

For the Stuffing:  1 onion chopped finely; juice from 1 lemon; 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley; 1 egg white beaten; 75 g crumbled cornbread; unfortified butter for light frying; and few grated lemon rinds.

Method:  Melt a knob of butter in a pan over low flame.  Add onions and fry gently until golden brown.  Transfer to a mixing bowl and combine the rest of the stuffing ingredients.

Lay the mackerel on a cooking tray and rub in the salt, pepper and lemon juice.  Spoon the stuffing into the fish and reshape.  Place the tray in an over-proof casserole, barely cover the bottom of the casserole with water and add the crushed bay leaf.  Cover the casserole with a greaseproof foil and poach in a warm oven over 160 deg. C for 15-20 min.  Drain and serve immediately with diced cucumber and baby potato salad.

Serves:  2-4.


Corn Muffins:

Ingredients:  1 cup almond milk; 1 banana; ¼ cup each raw honey and olive oil; 1/3 cup each fava bean flour, garbanzo bean flour, tapioca flour; 1 cup coarse-ground cornmeal; ¼ tsp each ground ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg; 2 tsp baking powder; ½ tsp baking soda; ¼ tsp xanthan gum; kernels from 1 raw ear of corn; chopped almonds; and salt to taste.

Method:  Whisk together the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately.  Combine wet ingredients briefly with dry ingredients.  Mix corn and almonds.  Pour the batter into muffin trays greased with olive oil.  Bake in an oven at 190 deg. C for 25 min.

In addition to this consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole unprocessed foods like kidney beans, soy beans, barley, brown rice, millet, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, apple, banana, blue berry, strawberry, black berry; sweet cherry, plum all beneficial for sarcoidosis sufferers.

Use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for it is rich in anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties.  Drink plenty of fluids and flush out oxidants from the body naturally.  Take ample rest since the body heals itself during the rest period.


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How to Cure Parkinson’s Disease at Home Naturally

Curing Parkinson’s at Home Naturally

Parkinson’s is a gradually progressing disease which means symptoms are mild at first and will progress over time.  It eventually affects every aspects of life.  The thought of losing your independence step by step can be devastating.  It is vital to be in close touch with health care providers to adjust therapies accordingly to maintain the quality of life to a great extent.  There are several natural methods that help the sufferers cope with this situation and delay the commencement of symptoms.


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What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson symptoms- cure at home

Parkinson’s is a chronic progressive disease of the nervous system that develops chiefly in later life.  This may be due to a decrease in dopamine levels in the substantia nigra (gray matter) and is characterized by tremor, weakness of resting muscles, and a shuffling gait.


Symptoms of Parkinson’s That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Trembling of fingers, hands, feet, legs, jaw or head.

–       Stiffness of the limbs which increase with movement.

–       Frequent falls.

–       Shuffling gait.

–       Confusion or memory loss.


Natural Treatments Cure Parkinson’s Caused by:

–       Ageing factors.

–       Hereditary.

–       Trauma or head injuries.

–       External or internal toxins.


Types of Parkinson’s:

Parkinson’s plus syndromes show more visibility of disease progression, consist of some symptoms of Parkinson’s along with muscle weakness and behavioral problems.

In secondary Parkinson’s disease condition, the cause is identifiable.  The symptoms are very similar to Parkinson’s and either caused by certain medications or other system disorders.


Treatment Options:

There is no complete cure for Parkinson’s.  Several medical therapies available are intended to delay the onset of symptoms to a large extent.  Surgery may be an option for advanced symptoms.  Lifestyle changes with physical therapy may be beneficial.  Many support groups formed give knowledge and help the sufferers to deal with this condition.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Parkinson’s:

–       Aloe vera has natural cell regeneration properties and excellent for Parkinson’s conditions.  Drink 2 ounce of pure aloe vera juice before each meal regularly for benefits.

–       Vitamin C is known to benefit Parkinson’s sufferers.  It is a powerful antioxidant and enhances cerebral circulation.

–       Garlic is a powerful antioxidant and cider vinegar helps to relax the nervous system.  Blend 1 cup each of apple cider vinegar and raw honey with 8 cloves garlic thoroughly.  Pour this into a glass container, seal it tightly and store under refrigeration.  Consume 2 tsp of this mixture in a glass of water or fresh fruit or vegetable juices before breakfast regularly for benefits.

–       Mucuna pruriens contains dopamine in its natural form.  Mix ½-1 tsp of powdered mucuna pruriens herb in a glass of milk and consume twice a day for benefits.

–       Red clover herb increases dopamine production.  Boil 1 cup water, add ¼ cup fresh red clover blossoms, and simmer for 10 min.  Steep overnight and strain.  Add 2 tbsp lemon juice and honey for sweetness.  Consume regularly for maximum benefits.

–       Parkinson sufferers may be recommended to cut foods into smaller portion size to avoid choking and ease digestion.  Remain upright for half an hour after eating.

Use a bath chair or stool while in the shower.  Fit in grab bars in the washrooms to prevent falling.

Wear comfortable footwear while walking, preferably low heeled.

–       Exercise in any form can ease symptoms.  Exercise the jaw and neck muscles often.  Hold the head back, craning the neck backwards as far as comfortable.  In this position, bring the lower teeth over the upper lip until you feel the tension in the jaw and neck.  Relax and repeat this 3-5 initially with gradual increase in repetition.

As Parkinson’s symptoms advance over time, medical assistance may be essential in better management of this disease condition.


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How to Cure Ovarian Cysts at Home Naturally [without Surgery ]

Curing  Ovarian Cysts at Home Naturally

Your reproductive health is influenced by many factors.  Ovarian cysts are very common during a woman’s reproductive phase and are often asymptomatic.  Most cysts are harmless and effective management of symptoms is possible with natural methods.


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What is Ovarian Cyst ?

 Cure Ovarian Cysts

Ovaries are paired female reproductive organs that produce eggs essential for reproduction.  It also produces female hormones.  They are located in the pelvis, one on each side of the uterus.  Cysts are fluid-filled sacs.  Ovarian cysts form either in or around the ovaries.


Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Pain in the pelvic area.

–       Sudden pressure or fullness in the lower abdomen.

–       Irregular menstruation.

–       Pain after intercourse.

–       Vaginal spotting.

–       Nausea and vomiting.

–       Weight gain.


Natural Treatments Cure Ovarian Cyst Caused by:

–       Cysts occurring when the follicular sac does not break open to release the egg.

–       The sac does not dissolve after releasing the egg, but instead seals off with fluid building up gradually.

–       Hormonal imbalance.

–       Unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits.

–       Inherited.

–       Stress.


Types of Ovarian Cyst:

Functional cysts occur during the menstrual cycles and often resolving on their own.

Endometriosis cysts form when the tissues that act like the lining of the uterus attach to the ovary and form a growth.

Cystadenomas formed by the cells present on the outer surface of the ovary.

Polycystic ovary literally means many cysts scattered on the ovaries.


Treatment Options:

Prescription pain medications are prescribed for relief.  Oral contraceptives are given to prevent forming follicles.  Heating pads or ice therapy may be applied to reduce discomfort.  Severe forms of this condition may require surgical interventions and even hysterectomy in rare cases.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Ovarian Cyst :

–       Angelica sinensis, a Chinese herb, helps to balance hormones and promotes a healthy menstrual cycle.  Boil 10 g of dried roots with 3 g black tea leaves in water and brew for 15 min over low flame.  Strain, add honey for sweetness and consume 10 days prior to the start of menstrual cycle.

–       Chasteberry also restores hormonal balance.  Place ¼ cup of fresh chaste berries in a jar.  Pour 4 cups vodka over the berries.  Close the jar tightly and store in a cool dark place for 4-6 weeks.  Shake the jar once in a while.  Strain and take 60 drops of this tincture once a day.  However, do not consume this for more than 18 months.

–       Wild yam is a hormone balancer and helps to maintain a regular menstrual cycle.  Add 1 tsp of powdered wild yam root in 1 cup of hot water and simmer for 30 min.  Strain and consume 1 cup a day.

–       Saraca asoka help to regulate menstrual cycle.  The bark of this herb is used for medicinal purposes.  Boil 90 g chopped bark of saraca asoka in 30 ml milk and 30 ml water.  Boil until the quantity reduces to ½ a cup.  Divide it into 3 equal doses and consume in one day.  Consume from the fourth day of menstruation and continue until symptoms reduce.

–       Vitamin A, E and C foods provide positive results for individuals with ovarian cysts.  Include carrots, spinach, corn, almonds, apricots, guava, orange, etc. in your diet for benefits.

–       Olive oil, flaxseed oil, and borage oil to be added to the diet for its antioxidant properties.  Antioxidants help in maintaining a balance in hormone levels and prevent cell damage.

–       Reduce body weight.  Obesity can trigger the development of any form of ovarian cyst.  Follow a regular exercise program; even walking for 30 min is sufficient for maximum benefits.

Chronic symptoms can lead to infertility issues.Resolve Ovarian Cysts  with natural remedies.


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