How to Cure Foot odor at Home Naturally

How to Cure Foot odor at Home Naturally

Foot odor is a widespread condition the severity of which could make one cringe their nose.  Though it is an unpleasant condition, it is not considered as a serious one.  Natural remedies are known to be an effective alternative to eradicate this annoying problem.

What is Foot Odor:

Foot odor is generally a display of overactive sweat glands.  Excessive sweating creates a damp environment which assists in the growth of bacteria and fungus.  It is these factors that cause the unpleasant odor.

Odor symptoms alone are not considered as a serious problem.  Different kinds of bacterial produce different odors and symptoms.  Identifying the cause makes treatment effective.

Natural Treatments Cure Foot Odor Caused by:

–          As stated earlier foot odor is caused by excessive sweating either due to abnormal sweat glands or other trigger factors like emotional stress, anger, nervousness or high level of physical exercise.

–          Wearing shoes made of synthetic material can lead to foot odor.

–          Not changing socks on a daily routine is a trigger factor.

–          Certain foods and drugs.

Treatment Options:

Your hard working feet deserve something special.  So go ahead and give your feet a treat the natural way (pedicure, massage with a natural blend of essential oils), and feel the difference in how you look and feel.  However, if natural preventive methods do not work, strong medications may be required.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Foot odor:

–          A simple way to tackle this problem is to keep the feet constantly dry.  This can be achieved by washing the feet frequently but not to the extent that the natural oils are stripped off.

–          Crush sage leaves and place them in your shoes to control foot odor.

–          Immerse feet in water boiled with tea bags and cooled – 3 to 4 teabags would suffice.

–          Soak feet in a mixture of salt and peppermint essential oil or alternatively lavender essential oil added to warm water.

–          Change your socks frequently as this gives a lesser chance for the bacteria and fungus to breed.  However this may require you to carry an extra pair of socks when you are on the move during the day.  Using socks made of absorbent material is also helpful in controlling this condition.

–          Every night before going to bed, remove dead skin from damp feet with a pumice stone and pat it completely dry.  Dead skin supports bad foot odor.

–          Prevent sweating that leads to bad odor by dusting the soles of the feet with a natural antiperspirant like baking soda in the morning.  Baking soda can be used by itself or can be mixed with cornstarch in equal amounts.  Try wiping away odor-causing bacteria midday.

–          Wear footwear made of natural material like leather as this enables the feet to breathe and reduces perspiration.

–          Limit the intake of red meat as it encourages body odor.  Consumption of meat causes putrefaction in the digestive tract resulting in release of toxins into the bloodstream.

‘Relaxed, healthy feet lead to a stress free ‘you’.’  If foot odor is severe in intensity and persistent, and none of the natural techniques bring relief, then profession help is to be sought.