How to Cure Acne at Home Naturally

How to cure Acne at home naturally

How to cure Acne at Home

Acne - Home Cure


It is difficult to inculcate the habit of appreciating nature and natural medicines in this modern cosmetic world. Human body is a system that is so unique which has several inbuilt nutritions and chemicals. Naturally, a human body responds to the environment in its own unique way. These days applying a cream on face or grease to the body is almost a habit in every door step. However, the application of chemicals on the body could cause various hinderance which are initially negligible but later become a night mare. As could find one such disease called “Acne” for which one of the cause is applying cream on the skin. It is a disease that affects the oil glands in the skin. Pores develop on the surface of the skin and hence cause irritation and total discomfort. Acne is sometimes an emotional attack to the person. However minor the cause might be, the impact could even lead to suicide of the patient.


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Some of the symptoms are,

  1. Red spots on the skin
  2. Blackheads and whiteheads below the skin of the body
  3. Itchy skin
  4. Pus filled under the skin that is very painful
  5. yellowish lumps on the surface of the skin



In order to get rid of this disease, the causes are being well determined by various medical groups. Even hormonal changes are found to be one of the major cause for this disease. Genetic endowment, some allergic medicines or greasy make up could also be some of the possible causes to this disease.

Types of Diseases

Several classifications exist to this disease from mild to severe. Inflammatory types such as cyst or papule and non-inflammatory types such as white and blackheads are also common discussions to understand the cause of acne.

Treatment Options

In order to heal this disease in an effective manner that provides long term solutions, various treatment options are being looked at. Natural remedies overtake the advantages against medicine and helps patient recover both emotionally as well as physically. Some times natural healing is more powerful than medicines. As our body is a composition of several nutritions, if paid attention, this skin disease could be cured naturally and effectively by bringing in the right nutritional balance.

Some of methods include:

a) Garlic along with tea since it was proven that Garlic has antibacterial activity.

b) Washing the face with clean water often

c) Taking multivitamin daily

d) Taking Corn and Sweet potato that are rich in chromium that are also excellent for healing infections on the skin

e) sometimes even applying honey gently on the face

Home remedies and conclusion

As a total correction, one must understand that a cure to such a disease should start from an emotional comfort from the family. Along with taking natural remedies one must also be careful not to rub or squeeze the pimples that might cause spreading the disease to the next level.


It is also evident that though we should appreciate the modern advancements, appreciating nature solves most of the issues to the human being to a great extent. Home remedies are effective however they have the tendency of slow process. There are professional methods of natural treatment that cure the disease at a higher pace.


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