How to Cure Agoraphobia at Home

How to cure Agoraphobia at home naturally


Several phobias affect human being on day to day life. However, the awareness of phobias are more in western society. The most severe phobias as described by many researchers is “Agoraphobia”. Coined by the Greek, Agora+Phobos mean panic in a crowded place. A disease that is curable from home, it is also referred to as a disorder developed by fear being in places that are alien or new to a particular human. A study also proves that this phobia is affected in society where, there is low motivation due to various reasons like unemployment, divorced or separated, poverty etc.

 Agoraphobia,get rid of it

How to Cure Agoraphobia

Cure Agoraphobia at Home

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Tendency of a person from avoiding a happening atmosphere or preferring loneliness is found to be one of the major symptoms of Agoraphobia. An individual who is affected by this disease is often a homeworker or highly dependent to their companions. As understood from the above explanation, one can also quite evidently realize that effective treatment to Agoraphobia has to be natural. Housebound, workaround, travel fear are some of the other symptoms.


Agoraphobia is primarily caused due to maltreatment during childhood. Though this disease can occur due to biological factors like any other disease, the other major cause is found to be having uneasy and critical parents. To do an efficient cure, one cannot look at the outside symptoms and treat with medicines, a natural treatment identifying the original cause from case to case basis is highly essential.

Types of Diseases

Types of this disease includes dissociative disorder, emotional physiological state and depression. However the most common and difficult case is found to be “panic attack”. The patient undergoes a mental trauma and they believe that they cannot come out of it.

Treatment Options

Agoraphobia could be treated in different methods. Some of them are

a) Behavioral treatment,

b) Cognitive treatment or

c) through Medication.


Like most of the cases, going through highly medicated process involves side effects which on the long term causes further disorder and does not really improve the health status. A natural healing is found to be very effective as this combines the best types of treatments.

Home remedies and conclusion

As this is more to do with the environment in which the patient grows, holistically, people who are in the closest environment for the patient should take great care of the patient from the disease and should always keep an eye on them. It is important that one should keep their nervous system at a great strength in order to attack this phobia.

As a home remedy,  the following could help greatly in eradicating the Agoraphobia.

a) taking green vegetables that are rich in vitamin B

b) constant exercise

c) avoiding high sugar content

d) consuming herbal teas.

Professional / Improvised Home Treatment for Quick Cure

Even though the given home remedies are effective, they are slow to act on the patient. There are Professional Methods of natural treatment or Improvised Home Remedies which could cure agoraphobia faster.