How to Cure Alcohol Allergy at Home

How to cure Alcohol allergy at home naturally


As a common man would know, alcohol is toxic to the body. An alcohol allergy, which is a rare disease, occurs as the body is unable to tolerate the toxic intake of alcoholic drinks most prominently beer. When alcohol is consumed, an allergy is caused as the body is unable to tolerate the contents of the beverage. Medically, it is also referred that alcoholic allergy is nothing but a deficiency of ALDH (Aldehyde dehydrogenase) enzyme. This disease is effectively treated naturally at home.

Alcohol Intolerance or alcohol allergy cure

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Alcohol Allergy Cure at Home

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Most ordinary symptom for the alcoholic allergy is rashes that are red which occurs predominantly on the back side of the body. Other symptoms include congestion, intense sense of head pressure, nausea and rapid heartbeat.


In order to get rid of this allergy, there are numerous organizations that work on the actual cause of this disease. Most of the alcohol are fermented, it is proved that consuming alcohol increases the permeability of the gut which in turn intoxicate the digestive system. Certain human bodies do not secrete the required enzyme to the consumption of the alcohol and hence causes reactions.

Types of Diseases

Allergy due to wine, alcohol flush reaction, allergy due to consumption of yeast or grain are some of the types of alcohol allergy diseases. Research is still going on in determining the differentiation between the diseases. Some specific cases of the alcohol allergy has also lead to a conclusion that they are linked to cancer.

Treatment Options

Treatments through consumption of medicines mostly attack the symptoms and does not cure the issue altogether. Hence a natural remedy is opted for.

Natural healing remedies to the different types of allergies include

a) humidifier – cleaning the air we consume

b) tea with honey – this reduces the congestion

c) lemon juices – drinking lemon juice boosts the immune system

d) avoid fragrances

e) reduce watery painful eyes

Case studies from those affected also suggests that, avoid beer and try taking other wine in a slow pace along with lot of water. Few patients were also keen to refer tasty alternative methods such as non-alcoholic wines.

Home remedies and Conclusion

Holistically and ideally we should avoid alcohol altogether once it is found to be allergic, however there are suggestions to improve the immunization to increase the antihistamine effect.

The above given home remedies are found to be effective but less efficient ,they are slow to act . If you need to cure Alcohol allergy faster ,there are professional methods of natural treatment or improvised home remedies which could cure Alcohol Allergy faster.