How to Cure Allergy at Home Naturally

How to cure Allergy at home naturally

The chemical and nutritional component in each human body is different that proves the strength of nature. Given such uniqueness, the human body sometimes does not accept the chemicals and nutritions that we intake from various foods. When the body is inconvenient, there is a natural reaction exhibited by the body which are called as “Allergy”. Allergies are unusual reactions by the human body that affect the normal conditions due to the intake or application of resources that could be natural or chemical.


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Allergy Diagram

Cure Allergy at Home

Allergy Types

Allergy Cured at Home – Naturally

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Early morning sneezing, itching often, turn of skin colors, pimples, nausea, diarrhea.


Deficiency of imbalance of proteins, nutritions or chemicals in different layers of the body form the major cause for any allergy.

Types of Diseases:

Allergies range from simple to life threatening allergies. One would’ve often noticed from a doctor asking if we are allergic to any medicines before they write their prescription. Over 90 types of allergies exist, some of the most common types include

  1. Dust allergy
  2. Fragrance allergy
  3. cat or dog allergy
  4. drug allergy (Aspirin allergy, sulfa allergy etc)
  5. Wheat allergy
  6. Eggplant allergy
  7. Dairy allergy
  8. Peanut allergy

Most of the reactions to these allergy would be immediate sneezing or eyes going red or even skin itching.

Treatment Options:

As we understand allergies and the types and whats happening during allergy attacks, it is a common sense to treat them normally.

  1. Whenever you come from outside especially when you spent more than 5 hours, it is always a good procedure to clean the exposed parts of the body.
  2. Drink hot tea added with peppermint
  3. Keep the room clean to the extent possible, avoid floor mats.
  4. Read the product labels before you buy for the composition or the ingredients and be aware to avoid allergic components.
  5. Avoid dry skin by applying coconut oil often
  6. Take multivitamin products and green vegetables

Home remedies and Conclusion:

Applying butter on the affected area sometimes gives instant cure as a home procedure. Growing a Neem tree in front of the house was considered to be one of the healthiest anti allergic methods in olden days. To cure the allergy Holistically, a whole family approach and awareness of cleanliness and watchful for environmental changes. Home remedies are helpful however they cure slowly, hence professional methods are opted for natural treatment that provides a faster treatment.


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