How to Cure Alzheimer’s Disease at Home Naturally

Curing Alzheimer’s Disease at home naturally


Having elders at home, one would not deny the great support received from them, from various fronts including physical and intellectual. Kids love elders at home. It is also inevitable that the younger generation requires extra cautiousness and awareness in order to keep the elders healthy at home. When we get older there develops various nutritional insufficiencies in the body and that might cause diseases. Elders above 60 years often end up in one such disease called “Alzheimer”. Alzheimer’s is a brain disorder, it is one of the common forms of significant memory loss. This article provides awareness about this disease and natural preventive and healing methods that could help us live better.


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Patients affected by this disease initially fear for living alone or being separated in a room. We might ignore this and probably give them confidence and not necessarily think that as beginning to a disease. Later, when we infer the short term memory loss, we start going to the doctor seeking opinions. Slowly, patients affected by this disease, start forgetting the faces of the known people, however, might remember the closest ones with whom they stay all along. Loosing control over the mind, some patients start wandering away from the houses without telling anyone or without recollecting the risk on traffic or strangers. These patients also end up in loosing their temper often. They would behave softest in an immediate moment. Some patients start loosing the grip in talking well. Finally, towards the end of the development of this disease the patients might also hate seeing anyone else, but stare at one place and stay in one closed room. In a nutshell, this could be a disease with symptoms of forgetting names and places initially and finally forgetting even how to brush their teeth.

Alzheimer’s Disease Causes:

We definitely want to pray and be aware to get rid of such an occurrence to any of our elders. Possible causes of this disease could be,

1)      Though doctors and experts are still unsure about the cause of this disease what is specified for sure mostly is that it occurs after age 60.

2)      Natural causes that elders usually face are depression in the family, not eating food on time or not concerning about themselves.

3)      This disease, sometimes, is also a side-effect of various diseases such as,

◦     Hip fracture that usually occurs when elders fell in bathroom or door steps

◦     Thyroid problems

◦     Slow reflex actions and hence demotivation or loosing self confidence

Types of Diseases

Though ongoing discussions are coming up with various specific types of Alzheimer diseases, the most common classifications that are well discussed are

a) Late onset – Alzheimer’s Disease above 85 years

b) Early onset – Alzheimer’s Disease under 65 years

c) Familial  -Alzheimer’s Disease range from 40 and 50 years

Treatment Options

Healing this disease forms a nightmare. Several medical institutions have taken it up as a challenge and they are testing cases and are coming up with exciting progresses. Medicinal treatment as on date mostly stops the progress of this disease however there is no proved cure. Some of the tests that one would undergo when affected by Alzheimer are,


1)      Aricept, Excelon treatment – FDA approved (FDA – Food and Drug administration)

2)      Thyroid function test

3)      HIV infection test

4)      Mental and physical examination

5)      Genetic examination

6)      Liver function test

Some of the natural methods to cure this disease are:

a) Ginkgo bilobo treatment – a natural method applying vitamin E

b) Working on improving vitamin B12 by taking vegetables highly concentrated with vitamin B12 mostly green vegetables.

c) Physical exercise like regular walking in good open air

d) Soya milk – a beverage produced from soya beans.

e) Following regular and timely food

f) Exposing to sunlight during early morning


Some of the don’ts that we should follow while treating Alzhimer’s are:

a) Gene therapy

b) Taking Alcohol

c) improper care by the near ones

Home remedies and Conclusion

Care to be provided by the close relations to the patients affected by this disease forms the most essential treatment if we understand the complexity in treating the patients. Physical and environmental exercises heals the body quickly and provides great response to the medicines that we may supplement.

Home remedies are effective however they act in a slow manner and might loose focus in short period. Hence professional natural methods are suggested for cure that are fast and effective.


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