How to Cure Angioedema at Home Naturally

How to cure Angioedema at home naturally


If you are suffering from a swelling or itching in the skin or tongue or face, it could possibly be an Angioedema. Angioedema is not a reaction on the outer surface of the body but internal. This article gives you a vast understanding of Angioedema, its preventive measures and cure by natural healing process.


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 Cure Angioedema at Home

Symptoms differ from patient to patient.

  1. Sometimes it could be a swelling in the tongue that is so big that one would not be able to close their mouth or talk.
  2. Loss of sense at some parts of the body
  3. Swelling on the eyes or lips
  4. Sudden feeling like heart attack
  5. Unusual sweating
  6. Difficulty in breathing
  7. Unusual struggle at the throat
  8. Choking


In order to get rid of this disease, a clear understanding of the cause is a vital requirement. This disease is kind of an internal allergy that is caused due to the intake of something that burst out severe chemical reaction inside the body. However, they could develop over a period of few years as well. On an article by a person who was affected personally described this disease as “Stressful swell”. Consumption of a leafy vegetable could as well become an allergen. It is also possible that Angioedema is hereditary. Some of the other minor causes could be,

a) insect bites

b) consumption of egg yolk

c) animal fur fall on eyes

Types of Diseases

Different types of angioedema exists as one could understand from the causes. Some of them are due to consumption of an allergen in to the body that might react even within 5 minutes and cause severe reactions like swelling or reddishness and itching. Some of them develop over a period of years due to consumption of drugs that at one point in time reach a level and suddenly react. In other cases it could be hereditary and could be acquired as well.

Treatment Options

Several variety of preliminary tests and treatments exist in order to treat the Angioedema. They are,

1)      Ayurveda treatment

2)      Blood test

3)      Skin prick test

4)      Breathing test

5)      Urine test

Natural treatment to angioedema is highly preferred especially when the symptoms are mild. In general, while treating this disease we have to understand clearly that any application to the external part of the body is unnecessary as the cause is internal. Application of herbs or oil on the external part will give no relief, except for cases when a mild application of ice might give a relief from the irritation however does not cure the disease. Foods such as

  1. black and green tea,
  2. red onion
  3. red grapes
  4. broccoli
  5. cronberry
  6. raspberry
  7. tomotto

have a flavanoid that acts as an antiagent to the allergy. Consumption of these foods are highly helpful to treat the angioedema naturally. However, one should make sure to opt for immediate treatment if the condition is severe.

Home remedies and Conclusion

It is always a good idea to know our health condition especially on allergies and avoid them. Whenever skin issues or itching or swelling is found, it is a bad idea to touch it or scratch it since that worsens the condition. As this disease might be caused due to pile up of a reaction over several years, perfect management of the body against all diseases could be one of best home ready. Depending on the environmental conditions you live on, balance your diet with right nutritions and avoid strange foods especially fried or non-baked. Natural treatment often called as Naturopathy is healing the disease in human body with the healing power of the nature themselves. However understanding the case thoroughly and taking professional advice could rapidly cure any disease.


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