How to Cure Asian Flush at Home Naturally

How to Cure Asian Flush at Home Naturally

Alcohol consumption is gaining significance in social and corporate life, to keep in par with the changing trends so to say.  Alcoholism causes different reaction in different people.  Asian flush is a symptom, rather than a disorder, that the individual experiences after an episode of alcohol ingestion and prevalent among Asians.  There are a few natural remedies known to reduce this symptom.


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What is Asian Flush?

Cure Asian Flush

Flush is a result of sudden flow of blood to the facial region leaving behind a face with a tinge of red.  Few individual turns red in the face after an alcoholic drink.  Acetaldehyde is the byproduct of alcohol metabolism in the body.  The enzyme named aldehyde dehydrogenase 2, which is responsible for further breaking down of acetaldehyde, is inactive in a small percentage of individuals.  The result of this enzyme deficiency is accumulation of toxins in the body that cause the facial skin to flush.  Since this is most common among Asians, the name ‘Asian flush’ is more widespread.  A more formal name for this, however, remains alcohol flush reaction.


Symptoms of Asian Flush That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Increased warmth in the neck, face, and head regions.

–       Facial skin reddening, swelling.

–       Dizziness and headaches.

–       Nausea and vomiting.

–       Increased pulse rate.


Natural Treatments Cure Asian Flush Caused by:

–       Inadequate enzyme activity responsible for complete alcohol breakdown.

–       Genetics, the enzyme deficiency is passed down by parents.


Treatment Options:

Due to lack of research, a cure for this condition remains unknown.  A trial and error method is mostly followed whereby medications are given, depending on the body’s reaction, to extenuate the effects of alcohol flush.  The best technique to cure this, however, would be complete alcohol cessation.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Asian Flush:

The ideal remedy would be to stop alcohol consumption totally to rid of this side effect and reduce the risk of cancer.  The most effective way to help the individual to stop reaching for an alcoholic beverage would be to invoke distaste towards alcohol.

–       Combine 4 tbsp wild thyme herb powder with 1 tbsp centaury herb and 1 tbsp wormwood herb in a jar and shake thoroughly.  Take 1 tsp of this mix and add to a cup of boiling water.  Cool after boiling for 5 min and strain.  Drink 1 tbsp of this infusion 3 times a day before meals for some time.  Take a break and repeat the process.  If any alcohol is consumed while this treatment is in progress it causes an unpleasant sensation marked by nausea and vomiting helping the individual to develop repulsion towards alcoholic beverages.

–       If drinking is a must, it is important to eat something before and when drinking in order to coat the stomach linings and reduce the symptoms of flush considerably.  It would be wise to avoid spicy food items while drinking and instead stick to starchy food.  Starchy food will slow down alcohol metabolism.

–       It has been shown that antihistamines help to reduce alcohol flush to a certain extent.  Chamomile is rich in anti-histamines.  Take 1 heaped tbsp of dried chamomile herb and add to a cup of boiling water.  Remove from heat and steep for 15 min.  Strain and drink this herbal tea an hour before any plans of drinking alcohol to minimize alcohol flush symptoms.

–       Papaya is also a good source of vitamin C that acts as an antihistamine.  Simply ingest several pieces of the fruit or extract juice from it and drink an hour or so before consuming alcohol to alleviate the alcohol flush attack.

–       Foods containing fructose when combined with alcohol delays the production of acetaldehyde thereby delaying the alcohol flush symptoms.  Seedless raisins, dates, dried prunes, figs, apricots are all rich sources of fructose and can be taken while drinking to reduce the symptoms.

–       Limit yourself to one drink and sip slowly.  Though it may not prevent alcohol flush, it definitely will reduce the flush symptoms.  Avoid hard liquor; rather consume beverages that have low alcohol content.  Know your capacity and stick to it.

Moderating alcohol consumption may help reducing the attacks, but the best course of treatment would be total stoppage of alcohol intake.  When drinking is unavoidable and causes a lot of discomfort and uneasiness lasting for longer durations; or when symptoms are intolerable, visit the nearest physician for immediate help.


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