How to Cure Asthma at Home Naturally

How to Cure Asthma at Home Naturally

Breathing is the most basic body function vital for human existence.  Efficient and easy breathing is essential for life.  Breathing in polluted air however can give rise to various respiratory disorders and asthma is one such abnormal respiratory condition.  Asthma attacks can be prevented or its symptoms minimized by involving natural remedial measures.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease which is caused by obstruction of the airways.  It is a respiratory condition often of allergic origin characterized by labored breathing and bouts of coughing and gasping.  The symptoms may be triggered by factors such as dust particles, smoke, paint, perfumes, food, and so on.


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Symptoms of Asthma That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

 Cure Asthma at Home

–       Incessant coughing.

–       Difficulty breathing.

–       Chest tightness.

–       Wheezing.

Natural Treatments Cure Asthma Caused by:

–       Dust mites and pollution.

–       Pollen, bird feathers, or pet dander.

–       Second-hand smoke.

–       Food allergens.

–       Stress, anxiety.

–       Chemicals or drugs.

–       Sudden extreme weather changes.

Types of Asthma:

Asthma is classified into:  Allergic asthma – the specific allergens being pollen, dust mites, or pet dander.

Intrinsic asthma – the respiratory irritants are perfumes, cleaning agents, smoke, fumes, etc.

Exercise-induced asthma – may occur due to loss of heat and moisture in the lungs after a strenuous exercise.  This mostly occurs in individuals who have a history of allergies.

Nocturnal asthma – the symptoms increase and tend to be their worst during bedtime.  This may be triggered by allergens in mattresses or a sudden change in room temperature.

Treatment Options:

Treating asthmatic attacks is a long-term process involving anti-inflammatory medications, bronchodilators, and even steroids.  They, however, can cause various side effects.  Strengthening the immune system plays an important role in controlling asthma symptoms.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Asthma:

–       Chew on a piece of ginger throughout the day to reduce cough and other asthma symptoms.  Ginger along with honey acts as an excellent natural expectorant.  Extract juice from ginger root, combine with equal quantities of honey, and add ½ tsp of black pepper powder.  Consume this frequently during asthma attacks to clear the lungs.

–       During an attack rub warm mustard oil on to the chest area to loosen up phlegm and ease breathing.  Massaging stimulates the internal functions of the body.

–       Figs help in draining off the phlegm.  Soak a couple of dry figs in enough water that is boiled and cooled.  Soaking encourages the nutrients to seep into water; therefore, it is essential to consume the water along with the figs for better benefits.

–       Black cumin has strong anti-allergy and antioxidant properties.  Sauté 1 tsp cumin seeds in a pan.  When it starts to splutter, add a glass of water and boil until it reduces to half.  Consume this to reduce asthma symptoms.

–       Improve immunity by taking Indian gooseberry, wheat grass juice, and carrot juice regularly.  Gooseberry and wheatgrass are rich sources of vitamin C essential to boost the immune system.  Carrots have traces of vitamin C.  Drinking lemon juice before every meal and at bedtime also strengthens the immune system.  Add plenty of fruits, veggies, and sprouts to your every day diet.

–       Consume holy basil leaves mixed with honey and pepper daily, preferably at bedtime, to prevent asthma.  Steam inhalation with holy basil leaves recommended during asthmatic attacks to help loosen and mobilize the mucus.

–       Fish oil helps to reduce respiratory tract inflammation.  Fresh oily fish like rainbow trout, red mullet, sardines, salmon, etc. are recommend for asthma sufferers.

–       Drinking lots of water and keeping the weight down helps to reduce asthmatic attacks.

–       Try doing some stretching exercises as soon as you wake up to regulate the body temperature to stop sneezing.  Do regular deep breathing exercises to open up the lungs.

–       Avoid going out during peak traffic hours to nullify inhalation of motor vehicle smoke and pollution, both respiratory irritants.

As stated previously breathing is very essential for normal existence.  Natural remedies are effective in treating asthma conditions in its milder form.  In more severe condition wherein breathing becomes labored and symptoms exist for a longer duration, seek medical help to avoid aggravating the condition any further.


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