How to Cure Bronchitis at Home Naturally

How to Cure Bronchitis at Home Naturally

Bronchitis is a form of obstructive pulmonary disease that cause restricted airflow and breathing related problems.  The quality of air is thought to play a major role in developing this condition and the second key factor remains excessive tobacco use.  Several symptoms of bronchitis can be effectively managed by natural remedies.


What is Bronchitis?

Trachea is the main trunk of the respiratory system by which air passes to and from the lungs.  The trachea branches out into the right and left lung.  These branches are termed as bronchial tubes and bronchitis is acute and chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes.


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Symptoms of Bronchitis That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

 Cure Bronchitis at Home

–       Cough, difficulty breathing.

–       Hoarseness.

–       Fever, chest pain.

–       In severe cases wheezing may occur.


Natural Treatments Cure Bronchitis Caused by:

–       A virus that also cause common cold and influenza.

–       Environmental irritants like cigar smoke, dust and pollution, chemical fumes, etc.

–       Lowered immune system.

–       Sudden weather changes.


Types of Bronchitis:

Bronchitis are classified into two types, acute that lasts only for a short period; and chronic bronchitis that is long term and generally recurrent.  Chronic form is more common among smokers and treating this condition is often challenging.  Acute bronchitis most often resolves on their own or with a little help from prescription drugs.


Treatment Options:

Treating bronchitis the conventional way requires careful and thorough evaluation by a physician.  Treatment involves over-the-counter drugs to loosen the phlegm and cough suppressants, generally recommended at bedtime, to allow undisturbed sleep.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Bronchitis:

–       The herb acalypha indica is extremely beneficial in treating bronchitis.  It helps remove phlegm from bronchial tubes naturally.  Boil 4 cups of water to which a handful of acalypha indica leaves are added.  Boil until it is reduced to one-fourth its quantity.  Strain, add 1tsp honey and consume three times a day.

–       Onion and garlic acts as a natural expectorant.  Mince 1 onion and 3 garlic cloves finely.  Place them in a bowl and coat with sugar.  Allow the mix to stand for 1 hour.  Consuming the resultant sugary juice in small quantities throughout the day helps in relieving congestion.

–       Fenugreek helps in reducing mucus production.  Boil 1-1/2 cups of water.  Add 1 tsp of dried fenugreek seeds and simmer for 5 min.  Remove from heat and pour this mixture over 1tsp dried thyme leaves placed in a cup.  Allow it to steep for 10 min.  Strain and mix in ¼ tsp black pepper powder, a little honey for flavor and consume to relieve chest congestion.

–       Coltsfoot relieves chest congestion and sore throat.  It also strengthens the immune system.  Make tea by heating 8 ounces of water.  Remove from heat and steep 1tsp of dried coltsfoot blossom for 15 min.  Consume this herbal tea over a course of one week and then discontinue.

–       Avoid foods that encourage phlegm production like dairy products, eggs, potatoes, refined flour, peanuts, etc.  Avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol, pickles, all refined and processed foods as they are known to interfere with the proper functioning of the immune system.

–       Lung exercises done religiously may help ease and treat symptoms.  Sit straight and inhale normally.  Continue inhaling until you feel the chest and ribs expand.  Hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale as slowly as possible.  Continue this for 5 min.

–       Cigarette smoking is the main cause for developing bronchitis.  Inhaling cigar smoke irritates the respiratory airway encouraging mucus production.  Stop smoking.

Early detection is vital and avoidance of irritants is also essential.  Symptoms in its most severe form may require medical help for effective management.


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