How to Cure Constipation at Home Naturally

How to Cure Constipation at Home Naturally

Almost every individual would have experienced constipation at least once in their lifetime; however, for some it is more often an embarrassing and common problem.  Understanding its condition, its causes, and treatment could to a certain extent help the individual in getting rid of the problem permanently. This condition cannot be considered as a disease and treating it naturally is possible with effective home remedies.

Constipation Cured at Home

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What is Constipation:


Constipation - Cure it Now


Constipation is generally a state wherein there is delayed or infrequent passage of stools that is usually dry or hardened.  The individual often finds it painful and the need to strain to have a bowel movement.

Symptoms of Constipation That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–          Infrequent and often painful bowel movements.

–          The need to strain to pass stools.

–          A feeling of a full bowel even after passing stools.

–          Abdominal pain and a bloating sensation which is constant.

–          Vomiting.  The body may try to eliminate waste through the mouth.

Natural Treatments Cure Constipation Caused by:

–          This condition is most often caused by poor diet.

–          Lack of exercise and inactivity.

–          Suppressing the urge to have a bowel movement.

–          Excessive consumption of dairy products.

–          Dehydration.

–          Excessive use of laxatives.

–          Pregnancy

Types of Constipation:

Constipation can be distinguished into two categories:

–          Acute

–          Chronic.

Acute condition would require a detailed medical assessment as there could be an underlying cause to it, for example, tumors.  Chronic constipation on the other hand may not require urgent evaluation especially if simple remedies bring immediate relief.

Treatment Options:

The effectiveness of treating constipation through various over-the-counter pharmacological agents like fiber supplements is unknown.  Laxatives can be used but only for a short term since excessive usage could lead to serious side effects.  A more natural and holistic alternative to treating constipation is recommended.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Constipation:

–          Intake of a diet rich in fiber and less in fat is more effective.  Food fibers found in fruits like banana, grapes; vegetables like cabbage, asparagus; and cereals like whole grain, wheat bran and brown rice are the different options to find a cure.  The individual will find it best effective when the consumption of processed and refined foods is reduced.

–          A sedentary lifestyle is another common cause.  Physical activity activates the intestinal activity helping to maintain the proper functioning of the system.

–          Never ignore nature’s call – it should be a part of one’s every day morning routine.  Frequent travelers often choose to ignore because of different time zones and the hesitancy to use public toilets.  The individual must simply listen to the body’s needs.

–          Intake of dairy products rich in fat such as cheese, butter, cream should be reduced.  Dairy products are most often not very friendly to the digestive system.

–          Fluid intake does bring relief to a certain extent.  Drinking fluids in plenty like water and juices minimizes dehydration.  Water is a very important component needed by the body to carry out its daily activities.  Drink hot water with lemon juice.

–          Treating this condition by using over-the-counter laxatives is the most common practice.  This leads to the body getting dependent to these substances.  Natural laxatives like flax seed, olives, ginger should be incorporated in the diet.

–          Constipation could also occur during pregnancy probably due to hormonal changes.  The individual would in all probability opt to stay away from drugs in such a situation.  Drinking prune juice is recommended most often to ease this condition.

Constipation, however, if left untreated can lead to other medical problems.  Although treating this condition naturally is effective in most cases, it is a slow process.  Thus depending on its severity one needs to act as soon as possible and if need be seek professional help.

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