How to Cure Dark Circles at Home Naturally

How to Cure Dark Circles at Home Naturally

Dark circles are often termed as “raccoon eyes”.  It is a common problem faced by many and can be very annoying.  Diminishing them effectively is possible with the help of natural ingredients found in the kitchen.Get Dark Circles Free Face

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What are Dark Circles:

Dark circles become visible when changes in the facial anatomy occur.  The skin under the eyes is very thin.  The blood vessels lying below them are visible and contribute to the appearance of dark circles when they become enlarged or stretched.

There are no known specific symptoms to this problem.  However, discoloration under the eyes may also occur with other symptoms depending on its underlying conditions like anxiousness, allergies, bags under the eyes, headache, sinus congestion or itchy eyes.  When accompanied by certain symptoms it can indicate a serious condition that would need immediate assessment– a head injury for instance or an infection of the tissue around the eye.

Natural Treatments Cure Dark Circles Caused by:

–          Age

–          Lack of sleep.

–          Poor diet.

–          Sun exposure.

Though it is not a proven fact, hereditary or genetics is also known to play a role in forming dark shadows under the eyes.  However, nothing or very little can be done about this – (yelling at your parents and giving them a piece of your mind for passing it on to you could help perhaps).

As stated earlier if genetics is the real cause for its appearance then natural products and remedies will not go too far in helping to cure this condition.  Employing techniques to hide the circles will be a better option.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Dark Circles:

–          Apply a paste made of lime juice, turmeric, cucumber, and potato on the eye with the help of cotton balls.

–          Applying a mixture of tomato juice, lime juice, a pinch of turmeric and gram flour on the eye is known to be the most effective remedy.

–          Mashed bananas applied under the eyes and left on for half an hour is good for the skin and known to lighten the shadows to a certain extent.

–          Ground almonds mixed with milk and applied may work.

–          One can also try applying mint juice on the skin under the eyes.

–          A paste made of lanolin, almond oil, soybean flour mixed in cold water and applied may give relief.

–          Age plays an important role in the formation of dark circles.  The eye area suffers the first signs of ageing.  How your skin looks later depends on what you do about it now.  Preventive measures like a healthy diet including different colored fruits and vegetables, a balance of nutrients, lots of water, and exercise should do the trick.

–          Every individual requires different amount of time for sleep.  Giving adequate rest to the eyes is necessary to treat this condition.

–          Wearing sunglasses all year round when going out is recommended to protect your eyes.  Sunlight do more damage at high altitudes, so if a trip to a hill station is planned, keep your sunglasses on.  Get maximum coverage by using oversized shades.  Stop the sun from damaging your skin.

Under eye dark circles are cosmetically unpleasant.  Eliminating it is not easy.  Though a quick fix straight out of the kitchen is possible, seek the experts help if the problem persists even after using natural methods.

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