How to Cure Digestive / Abdominal Pain at Home Naturally

How to Cure Digestive / Abdominal Pain at Home Naturally

Digestive pain also known as abdominal pain is a condition which every individual would have experienced at one point or other in their lifetime.  Most of the causes are not serious and can be effectively treated at home using natural methods.

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What is Digestive/Abdominal Pain:

Commonly referred to as the ‘belly’, the digestive system consists of many organs.  Abdominal pain therefore is a discomfort or pain that occurs anywhere between the lower chest and groin.

Symptoms of abdominal pain is indistinguishable and most often than not the pain itself is a symptom that varies from one individual to other.  It may be a sign of an underlying medical problem that needs professional help.  The pain can vary from a mild stomach ache to severe, acute pain.  It can be dull in nature or sharp, knifelike.  It can be very brief or last for several hours and longer.

Natural Treatments Cure Digestive/Abdominal Pain Caused by:

Whether it is mild or severe, abdominal pain can be due to several causes:  The most common causes are:

–          Indigestion.

–          Constipation.

–          Gas formation.

–          Stomach ulcers.

–          Menstrual cramps/endometriosis.

–          Urinary tract infection.

If abdominal pain is severe and persistent and is accompanied by fever, vomiting blood, bloody stools, or difficulty breathing; it is an indication that immediate medical attention is needed.  Because of its various potential causes, a thorough physical examination is advised in severe cases.

Types of Digestive/Abdominal Pain:

The typical, burning abdominal pain is often thought to be due to appendicitis or other internal disease.  Lower abdominal pain is generally related to bladder problems or due to hernia.  Pain and discomfort due to the menstrual cycle changes along with the body-changes one experiences later in life.

Treatment Options:

Depending on the severity and causes of abdominal pain, treatment may range from medications to changes in personal food habits.  To try and treat this condition the natural way is the most preferred and chosen option.  However, if the pain arises due to causes like hernia or appendicitis, surgery may be required.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Digestive/Abdominal Pain:

Since the causes of abdominal pain are varied, it is important to identify the cause and treat accordingly.  However, abdominal pain due to not so severe and common causes can be cured naturally by way of home remedies:

–          Drink a tall glass of cold water first thing after awakening in the morning to avoid stomach disorder throughout the day.

–          Tender shoots of the guava plant ingested along with a little salt and ginger can ease abdominal pain

–           Alternatively grind tender guava leaves with few cumin seeds to a paste and consume a little of it whenever abdominal discomfort/pain arises.  This gives instant relief.

–          Asafetida powder consumed at least 3 times a day is known to relieve abdominal pain symptoms caused due to gas formation.

–          Consuming on an empty stomach, the juice made from a few mint leaves with ginger, lime, and a pinch of black salt added to it is known to give relief.

–          A quarter teaspoon of ginger powder and a teaspoon of carom seeds to which salt has been added should be taken in warm water for abdominal pain caused by indigestion.

–          Unpasteurized yogurt is an excellent low-calorie, nutritious food, and the lactobacilli present in them help prevent pain in the abdomen caused by harmful germs.

Abdominal pain is common and the causes are varied.  Most frequently the causes of a stomach ache or abdominal pain are benign, and natural treatment methods though slow acting, are sufficient to cure it.  In more severe causes however, medical intervention is required.

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