How to Cure Dry eye at Home Naturally

How to Cure Dry eye at Home Naturally

Dry eye also known as dry eye syndrome is a condition found commonly among people who travel a lot.  Sitting for long hours in the dry air of a car or an airplane is known to worsen the condition.  With the IT boom, an increase in use of computer is noted; hence this condition is also known by the name of ‘computer vision syndrome’.  To prevent it one needs to look at natural methods and everyday habits and find ways to help protect them.

Dry Eye


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What is Dry Eye:

Dry eye is basically lack of sufficient moisture on the surface of the eye.  A clear saline fluid is secreted by the lacrimal gland or the tear gland to moisten the eye and eyelids.  It forms a smooth liquid outer layer that cleans the corneal surface, traps, and flushes out foreign bodies.  The condition is also present as an evaporative type wherein the tear film becomes concentrated and pulls the water out of the surface of the eye, making it dry.

Symptoms of Dry Eye That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–          Persistent dryness.

–          Foreign body sensation – feel an imaginary presence in the eye.

–          Itching and burning.

–          Redness of the eye.

Natural Treatments Cure Dry Eye Caused by:

–          Natural ageing process.  The production of tears is less as the body ages.

–          In women, menopause is a factor probably due to hormonal changes.

–          Side effect to any given medication.

–          Living in a dry, windy, or dusty climate.

–          Long-term use of contact lenses.

–          Insufficient blinking of the eyes.

Types of Dry Eye:

As this condition is a deficiency in tear production, it can be divided into tear deficient type (insufficient tear production) and tear evaporative type (insufficient eye wetting)  In the evaporative dry eye condition the tear film or the mucus layer that coats the surface of the cornea is unstable.  This layer is necessary for the tears to stick to the eyes.

Treatment Options:

Other methods to treat this condition are available like artificial tears, lubricants, and ointments the use of which is a long term process. The main goal however is to find relief of symptoms which can be achieved by treating it naturally.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Dry Eye:

–          Some at-home remedies include eating more fish such as salmon, cod, and sardines. This is recommended as a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (found plenty in fish), is found beneficial.

–          Even mild dehydration makes the condition worse.  Drink water in plenty.

–          Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses when outdoors to minimize sun exposure and dust accumulation.

–          Take frequent breaks when watching television or while working in front of a computer for longer periods.

–          Perform simple eye exercises by blinking repetitively.  Blinking helps the eye to relax and also helps in lubricating them thus preventing dry eye condition.

–          Warm compress helps to soften the hard coverings that clog the oil glands of the eye.

–          Cleaning eyes with pure cold water helps in keeping the eyes healthy and disease free.

Natural methods have known to play a role in the treatment of dry eye.  In severe cases however, other forms of treatment may be required.

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