How to Cure Dry, Flaky, Sore Scalp at Home Naturally

How to Cure Dry, Flaky, Sore Scalp at Home Naturally

Every individual must have experienced a bad hair day at one point or the other.  When the scalp is healthy it directly reflects on the hair; however, a bad scalp makes it difficult to maintain the hair.  The scalp can become dry, rough and flaky due to loss of moisture.  A dry scalp is one among many other reasons for hair fall and is a common problem for which many home remedies are available that enables quick relief.


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how to get rid of Dry Flaky Sore Scalp at home naturally

What is Dry, Flaky, Sore Scalp:

The scalp becomes dry and flaky when the skin loses its moisture either by way of using hair products high in chemical and alcohol content or due to environmental and lifestyle factors.

Natural Treatments Cure Dry, Flaky, Sore Scalp Caused by:

The cause for dry and flaky scalp may be as simple as cold winter weather or the way the hair is taken care of.  A drop in temperature and harsh winds generally leaves the skin dry.  It may also be due to an allergic reaction to a new hair product used.  Stress is also known to be responsible behind dry, itchy, flaky scalp.

Types of Dry, Flaky, Sore Scalp:

Dry and flaky scalp could be due to dandruff which makes the skin cells flake off.  It could also be due to skin conditions like eczema (which causes the irritated skin to become dry and sore), or psoriasis which also causes flaking and the flakes are silvery in nature.  A condition termed as ‘contact dermatitis’ is also known to arise when the scalp develops sensitivity to certain hair care products.

An itchy, dry scalp condition may arise and disappear quickly either by itself or with minimal treatment.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Dry, Flaky, Sore Scalp:

–          Drinking plenty of water helps the skin in retaining the moisture level.

–          Avoid the use of harsh shampoos and use a paste made of green gram powder with curd instead to wash the scalp and hair.

–          Applying henna mixed with egg yolks does give a shine to the hair but leaves the scalp dry and itchy.  Apply natural conditioner (a paste made of hibiscus leaves) after applying henna to smooth things over.

–          A paste made of holy basil leaves, hibiscus flowers and leaves can be used for hair wash.

–          Applying oil and then washing it off with hot water is a common mistake people make.  It is like first adding moisture and then stripping it all right away.  Oil the scalp and wrap a hot towel around the head for a while to help the oil soak into the scalp effectively – olive oils is effective.

–          Consume colored fruits and vegetables to help the skin of the scalp from within.  Colored diet provides antioxidants to the body which in turn help in repair and protection of the skin.

–          To treat dry scalp, up the intake of good oils found in nuts (walnut) and seeds.  Add in omega-3 (fatty fish) to the diet.

–          Avoid being out in the sun for too long and if it is a must, wear a hat for protection.

The condition of a dry, flaky scalp can be so annoying at times that sometimes it can hamper one’s social life.  Hence it is essential to get it treated and although at-home remedies are effective when the severity is mild, medical attention may be required in more severe cases.  A great scalp and healthy hair make the best beauty statement, so go ahead and get it right.