How to Cure Ear Ache at Home Naturally

How to Cure Ear Ache at Home Naturally

Ear aches or dull, persistent pain felt in the ear/ears is a general condition found mostly among infants, children, and adolescents.  However, this condition is known to exist among adults too.  It is one of the common reasons for parents to visit their child care practitioners, though treatment with natural methods is effective in not so severe cases.


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What is Ear Ache:

Ear ache is a pain or discomfort felt in the ear and can affect one or both the ears.  The individual may feel fluid in the ear, and pressure or stuffiness that do not clear with either coughing, yawning or swallowing, and are generally accompanied by cold or flu like symptoms.

How to Cure Ear Ache at Home

Ear Ache


Symptoms of Ear Ache That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

Possible symptoms that accompany an ear ache are:

–          Cold, flu-like symptoms (fever, sore throat, or headache).

–          Facial pain.

–          Decreased or blocked hearing.

–          Hearing unusual sounds while chewing or yawning.

–          Children become fussy and irritant.

Natural Treatments Cure Ear Ache Caused by:

–          Moisture collected in the ear canal.

–          Tonsillitis or tooth ache can cause pain in the ear.

–          Excess of ear wax secretion form an ear plug which can cause ear pain.

–          Eczema can occur in the auditory canal leading to dry, red, scaly, itchy skin which can be painful.

Types of Ear Ache:

An ear ache can be caused either due to a common cold or may be the result of a middle ear infection.

Ear pain from a cold can be dull, sharp or burning in nature and can range from being mild to a very painful ache.  Ear aches from a cold generally goes away on its own.  However, if the pain persists, an infection in the middle ear is likely and proper diagnosis and treatment is advised.

Treatment Options:

The use of antibiotics to treat ear problems do not offer any benefit in majority of the cases and are often associated with side effects.  Ear pain depending on its severity is known to be effectively treated using home remedies.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Ear Ache:

–          The general rule is to prevent ear aches from occurring.  Stop putting things in the ear including the various cotton-tipped swabs one comes across from time to time.

–          To ease ear ache while traveling, close your mouth and hold your nose tight and blow your nose gently.  This equalizes the air pressure in the middle ear.

–          Ear ache can be relieved by applying a few drops of sesame seed oil warmed together with a few cloves of garlic.  Care is to be taken to ensure that the oil when applied is only moderately warm and not hot.

–          A few drops of juice extracted out of holy basil leaves are also known to ease ear ache.

–          Warm compresses applied over the ear helps to relieve pain and ear pressure.

–          Hardened ear wax can be softened and removed with the help of olive oil drops.

–          Keep the outer ear area dry and wipe away any excess moisture after a bath with a dry cloth.

Ear aches are generally cured quickly with alternative treatment methods, though it may take longer to resolve if accompanied by mild hearing loss or a feeling of pressure in the ear.  However, if you think that the problem is serious, call your family doctor right away.


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