How to Cure Ear Infection at Home Naturally

How to Cure Ear Infection at Home Naturally

Ear infection is a common problem among infants though it is prevalent among adults too.  Middle ear infection is the most common form of ear infection in children and can be very discomforting.  Ear infections in its less severe form can be treated at home.

What is Ear Infection:

A persistent bacterial infection of the ear is known as an ear infection.  The infection generally follows a respiratory tract infection such as a common cold.

Ear Infection

Structure of Ear


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Symptoms of Ear Infection That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

Ear infection symptoms can set in rather rapidly and its intensity may vary in children and adults.  The common symptoms are:

–          Pain, fever, dizziness.

–          Hearing difficulties.

–          Itchiness inside the ear.

–          Drainage from the ear.

–          Balance problems commonly termed as vertigo.

–          Pain with head movement.

Natural Treatments Cure Ear Infection Caused by:

–          Respiratory tract infections.

–          Moisture buildup in the outer ear favoring bacterial growth.

–          Eustachian tube blockage due to cold or presence of foreign bodies.

Types of Ear Infection:

Ear infection can be categorized into two mainly – acute middle ear infections also known as otitis media, and outer ear infections known as otitis externa.

The cartilaginous eustachian tube present in the ear equalizes the pressure between the middle ear and outside atmosphere and enables fluid drainage.  Infection of the middle ear causes the tubes to close in turn trapping the fluid within and encouraging bacterial growth.  When the infection is persistent it is termed as a chronic condition.

Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer ear and can be a very painful condition generally experienced by swimmers.  The infection is usually caused by bacterial build up due to excess moisture present in the outer ear.

Treatment Options:

Use of antibiotics is the most common practice to treat ear infections, however frequent use of these can make the body dependent on it or give rise to bacterial resistance.  Moreover the effectiveness of antibiotic use to treat ear infections is debatable.  In most cases it is known to resolve on its own.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Ear Infection:

–          Plug the ears with a cotton ball after applying a drop of olive oil warmed with a few garlic flakes.  This enables fluid drainage.  Take care to ensure that the oil is only warm and not hot.

–          Consume food rich in vitamin C like orange, guava, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip greens, etc to boost the immune system.

–          Onion juice is known to relieve ear infections.

–          Warm compresses applied on the ear helps to release blocked fluid.

–          Avoid dairy products when the infection is present as it enables mucus formation.

–          Wear ear plugs while swimming to prevent swimmer’s ear condition.

–          Drink plenty of fluids to thin the mucus if the infection is related to cold symptoms.

–          Sleep with the head propped up to encourage drainage and reduce pressure feeling in the ear.

Natural remedies can be very effective in treating an ear infection.  If the infection is persistent and not relieved even after employing certain home remedial measures, then seeking medical help is recommended.

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