How to Cure Emetophobia at Home Naturally

How to Cure Emetophobia at Home Naturally

Almost every individual has an irrational fear or two and are generally minor.  But for some, the fear can be severe in intensity to the extent that it interferes with normal day-to-day activities.  Emetophobia is one among the many phobias present which can be managed and cured by employing some self-help strategies.

What is Emetophobia:

Emetophobia is an inexplicable fear of vomiting or being sick.  The individual generally exhibits fear of being sick themselves or fear of seeing (even hearing) other people being sick.  Phobia is nothing but a brain mechanism put in place to protect the individual from something that it has perceived or misjudged as a threat.


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Symptoms of Emetophobia That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–          Racing heartbeat.

–          Breathing difficulties.

–          Trembling or shaking.

–          Lightheadedness or feeling dizzy.

–          Sweating.

Natural Treatments Cure Emetophobia Caused by:

The exact cause cannot be established, however, it could arise due to –

–          Cultural influences – customary beliefs.

–          Runs in the family.  It is estimated that 50% of the individual’s personality is inherited.  However, an ematophobic may have a sibling with no symptoms of this phobia.

–          Conditioning.  The fear response related to a particular situation becomes associated with a more generalized situation.

The fear of being sick is an emotional response learned during an earlier episode, maybe during childhood.  It should be noted however, that emetophobia is not an eating disorder.  The individual eats enough to stay healthy but avoid certain kind of foods they imagine to trigger sickness.  The individual also chooses to stay away from eating out at restaurants.  Emetophobia sufferers generally avoid certain careers that may aggravate their fears – nursing for example.  They avoid being around babies and small children and even go to the extent of preferring to not have children of their own.  They may even avoid traveling due to the fear of travel sickness.

Treatment Options:

Understanding the phobia is the first step to eliminate it.  It is normal to experience fear in dangerous situations.  But with phobia the threat is nonexistent.  Treating can be surprisingly simple as all it really needs is for the unresolved emotion or conflict to be resolved.  Certain techniques like desensitization, cognitive behavior therapy, hypnotherapy appear to have been useful.  When treating emetophobia self-help methods and therapy can both be effective and deciding on what is best depends on its severity; however, generally self-help is worth a try.  One needs to be aware though that there is no one way of treating this condition.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Emetophobia:

–          Having someone hold your hands and stand by you when you experience the fear can be helpful.

–          To gradually and repeatedly expose yourself to the fear in a controlled environment.

–          Perform simple deep breathing relaxation exercises.

Women tend to suffer more from this phobia when compared to men.  If emetophobia does not really fix firmly in your life, then there is no room for concern.  However, if it interferes with the normal functioning, the individual may then need to seek professional help.


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