How to Cure Exhaustion at Home Naturally

How to Cure Exhaustion at Home Naturally

Exhaustion or fatigue is a common condition the severe form of which can interfere with activities of daily living.  Normal exhaustion in healthy individuals generally occurs after a session of heavy-duty activity and can be quickly relieved by employing natural ways.


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Cure Exhaustion

What is Exhaustion:

Exhaustion is generally a feeling of lack of physical energy leaving the body unresponsive to continuous stimulus.  Exhaustion is also known as extreme fatigue.

Symptoms of Exhaustion That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–          An annoying feeling of being drunk, lethargic.

–          Malaise or weakness.

–          Headache.

–          Unable to concentrate and co-ordinate daily activities.

–          Multiple joint and muscle pain without the signs of redness or swelling.

Common illnesses like a cold or flu and taking high-dose medication to treat it can leave one exhausted and is generally relieved once the illness clears up.  However, being constantly fatigued or exhausted can be a symptom caused by many other health problems.

Natural Treatments Cure Exhaustion Caused by:

–          Lack of sleep in the night leaves one exhausted in the day.  Disturbed sleep or lack of a good night’s sleep is especially bad for people already suffering from various other ailments.  Constant late nights only leave the individual with accumulated sleep debts.

–          Change in work shifts leads to an irregular sleep pattern.  Working during the night leaves the body clock confused.  The body is wired to sleep when it is dark and be active when it is day.

–          Increased alcohol intake effects normal sleep patterns which in turn lead to exhaustion.

–          Smoking is found to cause sleep disturbances as the component nicotine found is cigarettes is a stimulant.

–          Endocrine disorders like diabetes, anemia, thyroid disorders, etc.

–          Mental health conditions like depression, anxiety or grief.

–          Heart diseases and even lung conditions like asthma can leave one exhausted.

–          Medications like antidepressants and blood pressure medicines can lead to fatigue and exhaustion.

Types of Exhaustion:

Physical, Emotional, and Mental Exhaustions.  These conditions generally exist hand in hand and the condition arises due to life-management difficulties.  In such a situation try and make changes in the work environment and look for new methods to address challenges faced in life.  Take a vacation when possible.

Heat exhaustion:  Normally the body cools itself by way of sweating.  But if it is exposed to high temperatures for a long time and the lost body fluids is not replenished, the body produces more heat than it can release and leads to exhaustion.  The individual is to try and rest in a cool environment and drink plenty of fluids.  However, severe cases may warrant immediate medical attention.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Exhaustion:

–          Nutritious Food:  Green vegetables like lettuce, celery, cucumber; seeds like sesame, maize, barley, oats; walnuts need to be consumed frequently when one feels constant exhaustion.

–          Consuming dates have found to be an effective home remedy for individuals suffering from exhaustion and should be consumed regularly.

–          Exhaustion caused after a hard day’s work can be eliminated by consuming a glass of grapefruit juice and lemon juice in equal parts.

–          Sleep:  Even if you are able to cope fine with a busy schedule, you can find a difference by taking a midday nap.  If napping is out of question, try to get a little extra sleep at night.

–          A good night’s sleep can be achieved by drinking a glass of hot milk with nutmeg at bedtime after a warm bath.  Don’t make bedtime a moment for recalling the day’s events or the task’s to be done the following day.  As much as possible avoid the use of drugs for sleeplessness.

–          Exercise:  Tired of constant exhaustion?  The answer lies in exercise.  Low-intensity activities like walking, actually improves the energy levels in a fatigued individual.

–          Meditation:  Practice meditation or relaxation techniques during the day, even a short meditation session every day is good enough to cure exhaustion.

Often exhaustion is related to mental causes than physical.  Address issues that are interfering with a good night’s sleep.  A good, undisturbed sleep pattern leaves the individual more energized and optimistic in life.  However one may need to explore if the problem or symptom is truly fatigue or if any underlying disease condition is the cause for it.  If exhaustion symptoms persist and are not relieved with alternative treatment methods, seek medical help.

Quick Cure for Exhaustion

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