How to Cure Fatty Liver at Home Naturally

How to Cure Fatty Liver at Home Naturally

An increase in rise in obesity is increasing the rise in fatty liver disease in the world over.  Research has shown that fatty liver is a key indicator for diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, and heart ailments.  Fatty liver condition can be improved and remedied by following simple natural methods depending on its severity.


 Cure Fatty Liver at Home Naturally


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What is Fatty Liver:

Fatty liver means fat build up in the liver cells.  Accumulation of fat in the liver cells results in deterioration of tissue and diminished functioning of the organ.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

The liver normally consists of some fat and by itself causes no symptoms.  When fat is in excess it can cause –

–          Inflammation.

–          Malaise.

–          Fatigue.

–          Upper abdominal discomfort or fullness.

Natural Treatments Cure Fatty Liver Caused by:

–          Diet rich in white rice, white bread, and breakfast cereal is linked to the development of fatty liver.

–          Obesity.

–          Drugs and toxins.

–          Alcoholism.

–          Sedentary lifestyle.

Types of Fatty Liver:

Fatty liver can be differentiated into alcohol and non-alcohol related.

Alcohol consumption in excess causes fatty liver which can be treated only with stopping alcohol abuse.

In the second type of fatty liver there is evidence to suggest that there is a relation between insulin resistance and development of non-alcohol related fatty liver.  The cells do not adequately use the insulin produced to metabolize glucose and the resultant excess glucose is stored as fat and accumulated in the liver.

Fatty liver is a common form of liver ailment.  Changes in diet and lifestyle are known to be beneficial in less severe cases.  Being active, following a strict exercise program and treating other related conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol helps in reducing accumulation of fat in the liver.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Fatty Liver:

–          Bitter gourd juice consumed with a little honey is beneficial as bitter gourd is also known as a fatty liver killer.

–          Fruits like papaya, pineapple, apples are rich in fiber and help burn fat easily.  Frequently drinking papaya juice and consuming a preparation made of tender, unripe papaya is beneficial.

–          Tomatoes are known to prevent fatty liver but avoid consuming overcooked and unripe tomatoes.

–          The herb Picrorhiza kurroa (kutki) is useful in treating fatty liver conditions as it helps in digestion and metabolism of fats.

–          A warm glass of water with the juice of half a lemon consumed first thing in the morning works wonders.

–          Orange juice is also known to help relieve fatty liver symptoms.

–          Abstaining oneself from alcohol consumption is the most simple and effective method to prevent fatty liver occurrences.

–          Individuals who have remained inactive for a longer period should begin with a low-impact exercise program.

Eating the right foods and weight loss helps in prevention of fatty liver condition.  Majority of the time this condition is symptom free or less in intensity, but in severe cases seeking professional help is recommended.  Fatty liver if left untreated can lead to cirrhosis in the future.

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