How to Cure Female Hair Loss at Home Naturally

How to Cure Female Hair Loss at Home Naturally

Approximately 90% of scalp hair is in the growing phase and around 15% in resting phase.  Hair has a three stage growth cycle.  A small percentage of hair fall is normal in every individual.  Female hair loss does not result in complete baldness as is often in the case with men.  There are several natural remedies known to prevent and stop excess hair fall.


What is Female Hair Loss?

Hair is the slender threadlike outgrowth of the epidermis noted in abundance on a human head.  Hair fall in 50-100 strands is normal.  When hair falls at an abnormal rate eventually leading to thinning of hair, it defines hair loss.  Female hair loss occurs in more than one pattern but not easily recognizable.


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 Cure Female Hair Loss

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Symptoms of Female Hair Loss That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Widening of the center hair part.

–       Excess hair found on the brush after combing.

–       Patchy areas of baldness in some cases.


Natural Treatments Cure Female Hair Loss Caused by:

–       Hormonal imbalances after child birth.

–       Disease conditions.

–       Stress and worry.

–       Long-term use of medications.

–       Hereditary factors.

–       Ageing process.


Types of Female Hair Loss:

Androgenic alopecia may be a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome.  This is a common form of hair loss among women.  Genetic factors play an important role in this type of hair loss.

Alopecia areata is basically patchy hair loss.  It results in losing hair in circular patches exposing smooth scalp.


Treatment Options:

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicated oils and hair washes are available in plenty commercially for treating hair loss problems.  Topical ointments and steroid injections may also be prescribed.  Hair implantation has improved dramatically over the past decade and often recommended for untreatable cases of hair loss leading to baldness.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Female Hair Loss:

–       Indian gooseberry is a natural antioxidant and the richest source of vitamin C.  Extract juice from a handful of fresh Indian gooseberries.  Mix with equal amounts of water and massage the scalp gently for 10-15 min before your regular hair wash.  When done regularly, it checks hair fall and restores hair vitality.

–       Fenugreek is a good source of protein and promotes hair growth.  Fenugreek seeds with buttermilk should be consumed on an empty stomach for a period of time to improve hair density and texture.

–       Coconut milk is an organic stimulator for hair growth.  In 4 tbsp of coconut milk combine a few drops of lemon juice and apply to the scalp.  Wash hair after an hour.  Repeat this twice a week to improve hair growth.

–       Frequent applications of castor oil will encourage hair growth.  Mix equal quantities of castor oil and grape seed oil.  Apply to clean scalp and gently massage.  Create a hair turban with a warm towel and leave it in place for 20 min.  Wash the hair with warm water and finally rinse with cold water.  Repeat this weakly to stimulate hair growth.

–       A protein diet is essential for healthy hair.  Meat, fish, chicken, eggs, tofu, dried beans, etc. are good sources.  Nuts like almonds, Brazilian nuts, pine nuts, cashews are nutritious sources of protein.

–       Chickpeas are a good source of zinc and vitamin B6 essential for healthy hair growth.  Incorporate this into your diet frequently.

–       Fish is an excellent source of vitamin A, protein, and vitamin B6 that helps stimulate hair growth.  Consume fish at least twice a week.

–       Do not try to comb wet hair and limit the use of hair dryers as far as possible.  Heat can weaken the hair follicles causing hair loss.

When severe hair loss occurs out of the blue accompanied with other symptoms like itching, skin irritations, or sores, consult a doctor for there may be treatable medical causes for severe hair loss.


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