How to Cure Freckles at Home Naturally

Cure Freckles at Home Naturally

Freckles are a common skin condition found among people with a fair complexion.  It develops randomly on the skin and more often seen in the summer months.  Gender does not play a role here as it can develop both in men and women equally.  With some home remedies, diminishing freckles effectively is a possibility depending on its severity.


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What are Freckles:


Freckles are small circular, flat, brownish spots of melanin on human skin areas over exposed to sun.  Its intensity and number increases depending on the exposure to sunlight.

Freckles are often considered as unpleasant especially when it is more apparent on the facial skin, on or around the nasal region.  Freckles are mostly uniform in color and tend to be slight darker than the surrounding skin area.

Natural Treatments Cure Freckles Caused by:

–          Over exposure to sunlight.

–          Hereditary.

–          Hormonal imbalance.  Estrogen is known to stimulate over production of melanin.

Types of Freckles:

Freckles can appear in the form of flat, small spots that vary in color from red or light brown.  These typically appear in the warm, summer months and disappear during the winter season.  The other form of freckles can develop as a small brown or black spot which appear darker than the former type and do not fade in the winter months.

Treatment Options:

Efforts to get rid of this skin condition goes back to centuries.  Treatment in the form of cryosurgery (freezing using liquid nitrogen), bleaching creams, laser removal, chemical peels are painful and come with its own set of side-effects and if not done under the guidance of a professional help, could leave one with permanent scars.  Following simple home remedies are beneficial in eliminating it to a certain extent.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Freckles:

–          Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to some butter milk.  Dip cotton wool in it, apply on the face, leave until dry and then wash if off with cold water.

–          Dilute vinegar with equal parts of water and cleanse your face with this mixture.  Allow this to air dry to seal in the moisture.

–          Protect the facial skin when going out in the sun by wearing a large hat.

–          Sour cream left on freckles for a while and washed off with clear, cold water helps in diminishing this condition when done regularly.

–          Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent.  Apply this juice with the help of your fingertips regularly on the spotted areas.

–          Aloe vera juice applied on the spotty areas regularly helps in lightening freckles.

–          Apply a face mask made of cucumber (1/4 cucumber mashed) and yogurt (2 tbs) and leave it on for 10 mins.  This gives an even tone to the skin.

–          Mix lemon, orange, red current, and parsley juice in equal amounts and apply on the skin.

–          Freckles generally fade away when sun exposure is limited or the skin is protected from harmful sunlight.

Getting rid of freckles requires time, patience, and constant care as it cannot be eliminated overnight.

Freckles tend to fade away as one grows older.  Simple methods like following sun-safety rules are sufficient to treat this skin condition.  However, if the symptoms are persistent or increase over time, seeking professional help or a visit to the dermatologist is recommended.

Professional Natural Treatment to Cure Freckles

If you are looking for quick Freckles Cure – You may Try Professional Natural Treatment using Improvised Home Remedies.

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