How to Cure Geographic Tongue at Home Naturally

How to Cure Geographic Tongue at Home Naturally

The superficial oral lesions called ‘geographic tongue’ can affect all age groups and is not restricted to any race or sex.  It causes unusual appearance of the tongue and in severe cases the appearance can be very unsightly.  This condition however, cannot be passed on to other individuals and is not an infection; rather it is harmless and benign and can be controlled naturally.


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What is Geographic Tongue:

Geographic tongue is an inflammatory condition of the tongue with red patches around which a ring of white is noted.  The areas generally affected are the top surfaces of the tongue and the edges and rarely affects other oral mucosal sites.  It waxes and wanes and moves around (migrates) to other parts of the tongue.

Symptoms of Geographic Tongue That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

There are no known symptoms to this condition but some individuals do experience –

–          Reddened, slightly raised lesions on the tongue surface.

–          Tenderness with certain foods that are spicy or acidic in nature.

Natural Treatments Cure Geographic Tongue Caused by:

–          Irritants like hot, spicy food; alcohol, or tobacco.

–          Food high in acidic content is known to trigger this condition.

–          Acid reflux.

–          An allergic reaction to the dental filling.

–          Hypersensitivity to certain bacteria found in mouth or ingested food.

–          Certain hormones (since variations are noted during menstrual cycles) and genetic factors may be linked to this condition.

The causes and symptoms vary from individual to individual and the exact origin of this condition remains unknown.

Types of Geographic Tongue:

After an intensive study and research, geographic tongue can be classified into two varieties -one that commonly occur in atopics and the other as an expression of oral pustular psoriasis.  Psoriasis in the mouth though are generally uncommon, is seen in individuals suffering from extreme pustular psoriasis.

Geographic tongue may respond to topical steroid applications or antibacterial and antifungal medications, however long term use of these are not recommended.  If there are any related medical conditions, treatment of these may improve the condition of the tongue.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Geographic Tongue:

–          Maintain good oral hygiene, by brushing the teeth, gums, and tongue at least twice a day.

–          Avoid food that triggers the condition, like spicy, acidic food.

–          Smoking cessation and avoidance of alcohol consumption recommended.

–          Include more vitamin B foods in the diet as it is associated with vitamin B deficiency.

–          Chewing mint leaves is known to give relief.

–          Consume coriander leaves with a little honey in small quantities.

–          Glycerin mouth gargles are helpful, however, do not gargle with clear water immediately.

–          Gargling with a solution of water and alum (potassium aluminum sulfate) can control the condition.

Geographic tongue is a benign condition and generally resolves, thought not totally, on its own.  There is a professional treatment plan known to relieve this condition, however maintaining a good oral hygiene and following a balanced diet is helpful to keep the condition at bay.

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