How to Cure Head and Facial Sweating at Home Naturally

How to Cure Head and Facial Sweating at Home Naturally

Breaking into a sweat is a natural body process to help the body stay cool.  The problem arises when the perspiration is in excess giving rise to embarrassing stale odors.  This can affect the sufferer’s quality of life profoundly.  It can socially withdraw the individual in an effort to avoid embarrassing situations.  Most often sufferers resort to dealing with it the natural way.


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What is Head and Facial Sweating?

Cure Head and Facial Sweating

Sweat is moisture emitted from the sweat glands situated on the skin surface.  Head and facial sweating also known as craniofacial hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating of the neck, face, and head.  The excessive sweating occurs due to overactive sweat glands.

Hyperhidrosis is also due to a dysfunctional sympathetic nervous system resulting in excessive sweating at the affected region.  Craniofacial hyperhidrosis is a less common form and most often caused due to anxiousness and fear.  Facial perspiration is also a cause for acne in the face.


Symptoms of Head and Facial Sweating That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–          Extreme facial blushing.

–          Excess perspiration noted in the head, face, and neck regions.

–          Skin and hair looks greasy.


Natural Treatments Cure Head and Facial Sweating Caused by:

–          Genetics.

–          Obesity.

–          Nicotine and caffeine increases the metabolic rate which can trigger excessive sweating.

–          Stress.

–          Disease conditions.


Treatment Options:

Prescription drugs, tranquilizers, sedatives, or antidepressants may be given to the individual but most often may not have the desired results.  Iontophoresis, beta blockers, Botox, and even surgery to the sweat glands may be done in more severe cases.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Head and Facial Sweating:

–          Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and pure honey.  Consume 2 tsp of this combination on an empty stomach just before each meal to reduce sweating.

–          In a glass of orange juice combine 1 mL of sage extract and 1 tsp of liquid chlorophyll.  Consuming this regularly will help with your sweating.

–          Regular consumption of tomato juice helps in reducing head and face sweating.  Tomatoes have important nutrients that can effectively reduce sweating.

–          Organic wheatgrass is packed with vitamins and minerals.  Extract juice from freshly cut wheatgrass and drink half a cup 1 to 2 times a day to treat excessive sweating.

–          Witch hazel has natural astringent properties.  Apply a thin layer of witch hazel extract derived from the plant’s bark or leaves on the affected area.  It gently dries the skin and acts as a natural antiperspirant.

–          Boil 5 tea bags in 4 L of water.  Cool, strain and wash the face and head with this solution regularly for better results.  The tannic acid present in tea acts as a natural antiperspirant and helps in reducing sweating.

–          Aloe vera has a cooling effect and effectively fights against infections.  Its natural properties help to absorb excess perspiration from the body and can be effective in treating excess perspiration.

It is essential to seek medical help if prolonged perspiration occurs with other symptoms like chest pain or difficulty in breathing.


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