How to Cure Hemorrhoids at Home Naturally

How to Cure Hemorrhoids at Home Naturally

An unhealthy lifestyle and diet, increasing levels of stress, and lack of exercise contribute to gastrointestinal health crisis.  Many digestive disorders occur in seemingly healthy people, and hemorrhoid is one such disorder.  Hemorrhoid can be effectively treated using natural remedies within the confines of your own home.


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What are Hemorrhoids?

Cure Hemorrhoids at Home

Hemorrhoids are a mass of dilated veins in swollen tissue at the margin of the anus or nearby within the rectum due to increased pressure.  The muscles that support the blood vessels weaken resulting in enlarged vessels that protrude within the anal canal or around the rectum.


Symptoms of Hemorrhoids That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–          Bleeding at the end of a bowel movement.

–          There may be pain, itching, or irritation around the rectum.

–          Swelling around the anal area.


Natural Treatments Cure Hemorrhoids Caused by:

–          Unhealthy diet leading to chronic constipation.

–          Hereditary.

–          Obesity.

–          Prolonged standing or sitting.


Types of Hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids are those which develop at the top of the anal canal.  In some cases internal hemorrhoids may push outside through the rectum and this condition is termed as prolapsed hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are those which develop near the rectum, at the lower part of the anal canal.  Accumulation of blood in external hemorrhoids may lead to clot formation giving rise to a condition known as thrombosed external hemorrhoid.


Treatment Options:

The goal of treatment is to reduce the swelling and rectal itching.  This usually involves topical application of medicated ointments and oral medications to reduce the inflammation.  Severe conditions may require surgery.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Hemorrhoids:

–          Dry the leaves of mimosa pudica plant under the shade and powder them.  Add 1 tsp of this powder to a glass of hot milk and consume it at bed time to help in controlling bleeding noted with hemorrhoids.

–          Extract juice from bitter gourd leaves after crushing them up.  Consume 1 tsp of this juice with honey 3 times a day for about a month to help resolve hemorrhoid symptoms.  Bitter melon juice helps in easy bowel movement and complete evacuation of the bowels.

–          Extract juice from an onion, combine with honey and consume this for about a fortnight.  This reduces bleeding during bowel movements in hemorrhoid conditions.

–          Neem is shown to have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties.  It promotes the elimination of waste and prevents constipation.  Grind equal quantities of garlic, neem seed, asafetida, and dry ginger with little water.  Consume 1 tsp of this mixture twice a day to relieve hemorrhoids.  Neem leaf extract applied on the hemorrhoids externally stops bleeding and itching.

–          Aloe vera has natural astringent properties and helps to heal wounds.  Apply pure aloe vera gel on the affected area.  The juice extracted from this plant is a natural laxative and can reduce hemorrhoid fare-ups.

–          Witch hazel reduces inflammation, swelling, and contracts the blood vessels.  Apply a compress made from the leaves and bark of the plant on the affected area.  It acts as a natural astringent thereby decreasing any bleeding that may occur with hemorrhoids.

–          Soak 3-4 dry figs in water overnight.  Consume them the next morning on an empty stomach.  Figs prevent constipation relieving pressure on the rectal area thereby benefiting hemorrhoid sufferers.

–          Consume 2 tbsp of ground flax seeds each day for some time to loosen the stomach content and help alleviate constipation and hemorrhoids.  Flax seeds have high fiber content.

–          Accommodate foods that are rich in fiber like raisins, prunes, papaya, whole grains to reduce strain during bowel movements.  Drink plenty of water to soften the stool.  Avoid spicy, refined foods; alcoholic and aerated drinks.

More grievous hemorrhoid conditions may require immediate medical treatment.  Consult a doctor if the symptoms or bleeding is severe and persistent.


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