How to Cure High Blood Pressure with Exercise Program at Home

How to Cure High Blood Pressure with Exercise Program at Home

Heart ailments were once considered an old man’s problem, but now they are extremely common among women and the younger generation too.  Variations in blood pressure due to age, health of the individual, and state of the vascular wall can lead to various heart disease conditions.  High blood pressure increases one’s risk of stroke, kidney failure, heart disease, or heart attack and often called the “silent killer” because of its lack of noticeable symptoms.  There are various exercise programs known to help manage blood pressure levels in conjunction with dietary changes.


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What is High Blood Pressure?

Cure High Blood Pressure to avoid Risks

Blood pressure is the pressure that is exerted by the blood upon the walls of the blood vessels.  Concern arises when the systolic (contraction) blood pressure is higher than normal 140 mmHg, or diastolic (expansion) blood pressure is higher than normal 90 mmHg over a longer duration.  The medical term for this condition is called hypertension.


Symptoms of High Blood Pressure That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Headaches, dizziness.

–       Blurred vision.

–       Sweating.

–       Easy fatigue.

–       Restlessness or sleeplessness.

–       Nausea and vomiting.

–       Chest pain or shortness of breath.


Natural Treatments Cure High Blood Pressure Caused by:

–       Age.

–       Hereditary.

–       Obesity.

–       Unhealthy diet.

–       Alcohol and smoking in excess.

–       Medications.

–       Lack of exercise.


Types of High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressures are classified into primary hypertension with often the cause remaining unidentifiable and secondary hypertension caused due to an underlying disease condition.

Isolated systolic/diastolic hypertension where only the top (systolic) number or bottom (diastolic) number is raised can also occur.

White coat hypertension occurring due to stress typically in a medical or clinical environment.  Blood pressure when measured in a clinic or before a surgery may show high readings.  Other factor that can cause this is exam stress.


Treatment Options:

Managing high blood pressures involves lifelong medical therapy.  But this alone is not sufficient.  Effective management requires a healthy weight management, an increase in physical activity, a healthy diet, and effective employment of stress reduction techniques.


Exercise Programs That Can Manage High Blood Pressure:

–       Lose weight if overweight.  Begin light walking for 15 min with stretching exercises for additional 5 min.  Gradually increase to moderate walking for 30 min.  Exercise like walking is more effective in long-term lowering of high blood pressure.

–       Yoga for hypertension.

Sit down on a thick blanket.  Cross your shins, widen your knees, and slip each foot beneath the opposite knee.  Relax your feet.  Join both palms in front of chest to form namaskar pose.  Close eyes and concentrate in the area between eyebrows.  Breathe normally and relax your mind.  Stay in this pose for 10 min.  This lowers pulse rate and blood pressure.

Sit down and bend knees bringing the soles of the feet together.  Keep the spine straight.  Slowly lie on the back with the head touching the floor.  Bring your elbows to the floor.  Put both hands below thighs with palm facing upwards.  Try to touch your knees to the floor.  Stay in this pose for 1 min with breathing and exhaling normally.  Return to original position.  Repeat this thrice.  This helps to reduce blood pressure.

–       Depending on fitness levels the individual may also engage in activities like power walking (a cross between regular walking and jogging), outdoor bicycling, jogging or running, and swimming to assist in managing hypertension.

–       Stair climbing is an excellent workout option that helps reduce and maintain weight and is another form of cardio exercise.  Start with just 10 min of stair climbing and gradually increase as your fitness levels increase.  Wear the right shoes for good support.  Do not do this every day but alternate this with other cardio exercises to avoid overuse injury to the knee.

–       Dance around to your favorite tune.  Dancing is a great way to exercise.  You can do a dance workout at home as a fun way to reduce blood pressure.  A fast-paced, high-intensity salsa dance movements or a traditional Indian hip-hop infused masala bhangra are good cardio workouts.  This should be done keeping in mind of one’s own fitness levels.

–       Cooling down is equally essential to help the heart rate and breathing to return to normal.  Continue with your chosen exercise but gradually decrease its intensity and pace for several minutes.  Perform stretches of all muscle groups that have been used to help relax them.

–       Along with exercise, diet too plays an important role in lowering blood pressure.  A low-salt or salt-free diet is often recommended to help normalize blood pressure levels.  Salt and sodium can increase blood pressure.  Stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake, and try to relax.

–       Exchange simple carbohydrates such as white sugar, corn flour, polished rice and refined flour, with complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, oats, etc.

Hypertension can be improved and managed with exercises.  Do not discontinue medications without consulting your health care provider, however, when blood pressure readings become normal.


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