How to Cure Moles at Home Naturally

How to Cure Moles at Home Naturally

Moles are typically a harmless common skin condition and almost all of us have them.  In some cases moles can be a visually unappealing sight and getting rid of them naturally can be effective to a certain extent depending on its type and appearance.

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Cure Moles at Home

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What are Moles?

Moles are small noticeable pigmented spots on the skin and can appear anywhere on the human body.  This is formed due to the overgrowth of the skin’s pigment cells medically known as melanocytes.  They may be present at birth or may appear later.  They are generally circular or oval in shape and may change in color or shape over time.  Some may even disappear gradually.

The appearance of moles could continue until midlife.  The following symptoms of a concerning mole may warrant medical attention:

–       An itching or burning sensation.

–       Oozing discharge or bleeding.

–       A sudden difference in size, shape, or color.

–       Pain on touching.


Natural Treatments Cure Moles Caused by:

There are no known causes for the development of moles; however, many types are believed to run in families.  The likelihood of it being inherited is also possible.  It is a general belief that fair skinned individuals have more moles.


Types of Moles:

Moles may be confused with other skin conditions like freckles or warts.  Moles may be raised or have hairs growing out of them.  Moles that one is born with are termed as congenital moles and moles that are developed later in life are termed as acquired moles.

Moles are generally classified into regular, irregular, and cancerous.

Regular Moles:  These moles have a balanced proportion, regular borders, are uniform in color, and are generally smaller in size.

Irregular Moles:  These moles are asymmetrical, have irregular borders, and are slightly larger in size.

Cancerous Moles:  These moles are extremely irregular and are more noticeable on sun-exposed skin areas.  The flat moles compared to the raised ones are more medically concerning.


Treatment Options:

There are various topical creams available to treat moles.  In some cases individuals prefer surgical removal of moles for cosmetic reasons, especially if they are large enough to catch on clothing or have large unsightly hair growing out of them.  Majority, however, avoid surgical procedures for fear of permanent scaring and opt for natural home remedies.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Moles:

–       Applying tea tree oil regularly is known to lighten moles to a certain extent.

–       Raw potato slices placed on the area is also considered to be beneficial.

–       Applying honey in its purest form daily has proven to lighten moles.

–       A mixture of honey and flax seed oil when applied regularly may quicken the process of diminishing moles.

–       Extract juice from an onion and apply regularly to lighten its appearance.

–       A mole is known to diminish gradually when sour apple juice is applied on the area regularly.

–       A mixture of sea salt, castor oil, and lemon juice when applied regularly on the area is known to make the mole disappear gradually.

–       Regular application of milk cream mixed with turmeric powder is known to diminish moles and blemishes.

–       Avoid overexposure to sun rays.  The sun’s rays are strongest around noon and when being outdoors during this time frame is unavoidable, wearing maximum sun protection in the form of sunscreens, a large hat, or using an umbrella is recommended.


Most moles are harmless in nature and can be effectively treated naturally.  However, certain types are known to develop into skin cancers.  Individuals with a greater number of moles are at a higher risk of developing melanoma also known as the cancer of the pigmented cells.  Individuals who are at a greater risk of developing skin cancer are required to check regularly for any drastic changes in the shape or color of the existing moles and notify the dermatologist immediately if any such changes are noted.


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