How to Cure Nail Biting at Home Naturally

How to Cure Nail Biting at Home Naturally

Biting of nails is fairly a common condition but in certain individuals it can be more than a bad habit.  It is generally a repetitive unconscious behavior either due to environmental or biological factors.  This condition is very common among children and in all likelihood continues into adulthood.  This behavior can be overcome effectively by employing natural treatment methods.

Cure Nail Biting at Home

Nail Biting Is Curable


What is Nail Biting?

To cut or pierce the nails with the help of the teeth is termed as nail biting.  It is generally a compulsive biting of the nail and a focused repetitive behavior that causes destruction of the nails as well as the skin around the cuticles and nails.  This condition is more often noticed in individuals who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorders.


Symptoms of Nail Biting That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Short, irregular nail edges.

–       Skin damages around the nails.

–       Bleeding skin around the nails.

–       Calluses or hard thickened areas of skin around the nails.

–       Nail biters tend to cover their hands and avoid social contact.


Natural Treatments Cure Nail Biting Caused by:

–       Stress:  Nail biting may bring about a calming effect in stressful situations forming it into a habit.

–       Anxiety:  Anxious, uneasy situations cause compulsive nail biting in certain individuals.

–       Inactivity:  It may be a way of stimulating the individual to remain awake and alert rather than distracted or bored.

–       Hereditary:  This disorder generally runs in the family.


Nail biting is a habit rather than a disease and more often a habit difficult to break.  This unpleasant, not so serious behavior very rarely incites a doctor’s visit.  As stated this habit is more prevalent in children though it is known to develop suddenly in adults.


Treatment Options:

The very first step to manage this condition is use of anti-depressant drugs.  However, medications alone do not totally cure the condition and often behavior therapy too is required.  The focus should be on efforts to build the individuals confidence and self-esteem.  As a rule no intensive treatment plan is required to get rid of this habit and natural remedies are beneficial.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Nail Biting:

–       Keep the nails trimmed down.

–       Engage the individual in other activities to draw attention away from this habit.

–       Wearing gloves or adhesive bandages over nails act as a physical barrier to nail biting.

–       Apply any bitter solution like bitter melon juice, lemon juice, juice of garlic on and around the nails to discourage the habit.

–       As this is an unconscious habit, applying strong perfumes on the hands can raise the awareness of the individual’s actions.

–       The nail biter should be motivated to quit the habit.

–       Above all the individual needs to identify the stress factors and try to eradicate them.


Keeping the nails healthy and well groomed is important.  A regular nail care regime and a good diet rich in calcium and protein will help.  Biting nails intently and to the extent of making the fingertips sore and bloody warrants medical attention.


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