How to Cure Nervous Twitch / Tics at Home Naturally

How to Cure Nervous Twitch/Tics at Home Naturally

Tic disorders are an uncomfortable and unwelcomed experience though it brings relief after the uncontrollable movement.  Nervous twitches are not harmful in anyway but are very obvious.  It can affect anyone and any muscle group and can be managed with natural treatment methods and lifestyle modifications.


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What is a Nervous Twitch/Tic?

Cure Nervous Twitch / Tics

A habitual and local spasmodic motion of a particular muscle is termed as a nervous twitch.  This is an involuntary movement that generally occurs in the individual’s face, arms, or shoulders although is also known to involve the legs and in rare cases the stomach muscles.


Symptoms of Nervous Twitch/Tic That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

As noted nervous tics can occur anywhere in the body and depending on the area affected the symptoms vary.

–       Sudden motion of the corner of the mouth or corner of the eye.

–       Repetitive blinking of the eye.

–       Facial grimacing.

–       Nose scrunching.

–       Repetitive kicking movements of the legs.

–       Frequent shoulder shrugging.


Natural Treatments Cure Nervous Twitch/Tic Caused by:

–       Damage to the nerves due to trauma.

–       Psychological reasons like fear, anxiety, etc.

–       Disease conditions like Tourette syndrome.  Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder the exact cause of which is not known.  It is believe to occur due to an imbalance in the neurotransmitters present in the brain.

–       Inherited.


Types of Nervous Twitch/Tic:

Motor tics:  Sudden body movements that are temporary and recurrent are termed as motor tics.

Vocal tics:  Sounds repeatedly made like coughing, clearing the throat fall into this category.   An unconscious, frequent, and distinguishing quality of speech like ‘you know’ is a verbal tic.

Motor and vocal tics can be further classified into simple and complex tics.  Simple tics most often disappear with rest.  Complex tics are rare and can be a sign of an underlying disease condition.

Acquired tics:  The involuntary movements occur after a specific trauma causing damage to the nerves.

Tics are generally temporary but in cases where the individual has the symptoms for more than a year it is known as a chronic disorder.


Treatment Options:

The decision to treat this condition depends on its severity and the extent of its interference in the individual’s daily routine activities.  The tic movement comes like how a sneeze or eye blinking comes and is a compelling urge that the individual has no control over.  There are various treatment options available like medications, behavior therapy and the like and depending on the needs of the sufferer, combining a selective few of the available options are known to bring maximum benefits.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Nervous Twitch/Tic:

There is no known cure for nervous tics and the focus generally lies on proper management of this disorder.  Natural ingredients are known to help relieve nervous tics.

–       Hyoscyamus, a flowering plant known to grow in waste grounds, has properties that are known to arrest spasms and in medicinal doses it is calmative, soothing excitability, and eases pain.

–       The herb cramp bark is known to be an effective anti-spasmodic that helps to relieve muscle spasms.  Its mild sedative properties are effective in relieving many nervous conditions.

–       The herb lobelia is a powerful relaxant, the relaxing effects of which can be felt all over the body.  The herb taken in small doses relieves spasms.

–       A diet rich in magnesium is recommended as magnesium is known to help soothe the nervous system in turn relieving muscle spasms.  Spinach, black beans, peanuts, soy milk are all good sources of magnesium.

–       Regular exercise and meditation reduces stress that may be the cause of nervous twitches.

–       Allow the body to relax as relaxation enables the body to regain control over the movement.


Nervous twitches are more prominent during stressful and emotional situations.  Seek professional help if the tics are a cause of concern and are not relieved with natural treatment methods.


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