How to Cure Parkinson’s Disease at Home Naturally

Curing Parkinson’s at Home Naturally

Parkinson’s is a gradually progressing disease which means symptoms are mild at first and will progress over time.  It eventually affects every aspects of life.  The thought of losing your independence step by step can be devastating.  It is vital to be in close touch with health care providers to adjust therapies accordingly to maintain the quality of life to a great extent.  There are several natural methods that help the sufferers cope with this situation and delay the commencement of symptoms.


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What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson symptoms- cure at home

Parkinson’s is a chronic progressive disease of the nervous system that develops chiefly in later life.  This may be due to a decrease in dopamine levels in the substantia nigra (gray matter) and is characterized by tremor, weakness of resting muscles, and a shuffling gait.


Symptoms of Parkinson’s That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Trembling of fingers, hands, feet, legs, jaw or head.

–       Stiffness of the limbs which increase with movement.

–       Frequent falls.

–       Shuffling gait.

–       Confusion or memory loss.


Natural Treatments Cure Parkinson’s Caused by:

–       Ageing factors.

–       Hereditary.

–       Trauma or head injuries.

–       External or internal toxins.


Types of Parkinson’s:

Parkinson’s plus syndromes show more visibility of disease progression, consist of some symptoms of Parkinson’s along with muscle weakness and behavioral problems.

In secondary Parkinson’s disease condition, the cause is identifiable.  The symptoms are very similar to Parkinson’s and either caused by certain medications or other system disorders.


Treatment Options:

There is no complete cure for Parkinson’s.  Several medical therapies available are intended to delay the onset of symptoms to a large extent.  Surgery may be an option for advanced symptoms.  Lifestyle changes with physical therapy may be beneficial.  Many support groups formed give knowledge and help the sufferers to deal with this condition.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Parkinson’s:

–       Aloe vera has natural cell regeneration properties and excellent for Parkinson’s conditions.  Drink 2 ounce of pure aloe vera juice before each meal regularly for benefits.

–       Vitamin C is known to benefit Parkinson’s sufferers.  It is a powerful antioxidant and enhances cerebral circulation.

–       Garlic is a powerful antioxidant and cider vinegar helps to relax the nervous system.  Blend 1 cup each of apple cider vinegar and raw honey with 8 cloves garlic thoroughly.  Pour this into a glass container, seal it tightly and store under refrigeration.  Consume 2 tsp of this mixture in a glass of water or fresh fruit or vegetable juices before breakfast regularly for benefits.

–       Mucuna pruriens contains dopamine in its natural form.  Mix ½-1 tsp of powdered mucuna pruriens herb in a glass of milk and consume twice a day for benefits.

–       Red clover herb increases dopamine production.  Boil 1 cup water, add ¼ cup fresh red clover blossoms, and simmer for 10 min.  Steep overnight and strain.  Add 2 tbsp lemon juice and honey for sweetness.  Consume regularly for maximum benefits.

–       Parkinson sufferers may be recommended to cut foods into smaller portion size to avoid choking and ease digestion.  Remain upright for half an hour after eating.

Use a bath chair or stool while in the shower.  Fit in grab bars in the washrooms to prevent falling.

Wear comfortable footwear while walking, preferably low heeled.

–       Exercise in any form can ease symptoms.  Exercise the jaw and neck muscles often.  Hold the head back, craning the neck backwards as far as comfortable.  In this position, bring the lower teeth over the upper lip until you feel the tension in the jaw and neck.  Relax and repeat this 3-5 initially with gradual increase in repetition.

As Parkinson’s symptoms advance over time, medical assistance may be essential in better management of this disease condition.


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