How to Cure Sarcoidosis at Home Naturally

How to Cure Sarcoidosis at Home Naturally

Sarcoidosis is not a strange disease.  It is neither contagious nor malignant but is a very rare condition.  It is not known to be disabling and does not interfere with normal life.  The use of natural methods to treat this condition is gaining popularity and highly recommended.

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What is Sarcoidosis ?

Sarcoidosis is characterized by formation of nodules resembling small discrete lumps that can affect any organ or body system.  The symptoms initially begin in smaller organs of the immune system especially in lymph nodes and lungs.  This is an auto-immune disease leading to inflammation and scarring of body tissues.


Symptoms of Sarcoidosis That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Persistent cough, shortness of breath.

–       Patches of red skin or raised bumps on or under the skin.

–       Red, teary eyes with blurry vision.

–       Enlarged lymph glands.

–       Swollen, painful joints.

–       Fever, night sweats.

–       Fatigue, weight loss.


Natural Treatments Cure Sarcoidosis Caused by:

Abnormal immune system – The body’s defense system does not respond as it should.  The exact triggers for this abnormal response are not known.  The traditional feature of sarcoidosis is formation of granulomas which are basically a mass of chronically inflamed tissues that group together.  When multiple granulomas are formed on a particular organ it interferes with the organ’s normal functioning process.


Types of Sarcoidosis:

Lofgren’s syndrome or acute sarcoidosis is a combination of sarcoid and erythema nodosum characterized by red, tender bumps with pain and swelling of the affected area.  The symptoms flare up all of a sudden with spontaneous remission.

In chronic sarcoidosis the symptoms are present for a longer duration often causing scarring of the tissues involved.

Treatment Options:

Sarcoidosis is generally a mild condition with gradual onset of symptoms causing no permanent damage to the body’s tissues.  Typically this condition requires no treatment.  Sarcoidosis is a multi-system disorder and the need for specific treatment arises when critical organs, like the heart, are affected.  Oral medications are generally prescribed for severe symptoms.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Sarcoidosis:

–       Omega-3 fatty acids recommended for its anti-inflammatory properties.  Fat fish like mackerel and the like are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

–       Stay away from trans-fat found in cookies or any baked or deep fried products.

–       Consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole unprocessed foods.

–       Protein rich foods like kidney beans, soy beans, barley, brown rice, millet, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, apple, and banana are beneficial for sarcoidosis cure.

–       Consume plenty of anti-oxidants to ensure better health of the body cells.  Foods like berries – blue berry, strawberry, black berry; sweet cherry, plum, apples; black bean, red kidney bean are all rich sources of natural anti-oxidants

–       Use of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil rich in anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties recommended.

–       Drink plenty of fluids and flush out oxidants from the body naturally.

–       Take ample rest since the body heals itself during the rest period.

–       Stress management techniques, deep breathing exercises are beneficial for sarcoidosis sufferers.

Sarcoidosis is not as complicated as one might thing.  A healthy lifestyle with lot of exercise, a well balanced diet, and good rest is sufficient to direct the condition into remission.  The individual only needs to make an extra effort to bring the body back to its normal balance.  More severe conditions would require immediate medical care.


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