How to Cure Skin Tags at Home Naturally

How to Cure Skin Tags at Home Naturally

Skin tags are most often a cosmetic concern than a medical concern.

They are considered unattractive but are relatively harmless.

If you prefer not having to deal with a visit to the dermatologist often for skin tag removal, easy natural remedies will help you remove them.

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What is Skin Tag?

Tag means a piece of hanging material, so the literal meaning of skin tag is a small flap of skin that hangs or protrudes from the surrounding skin on the body.  Skin tags are formed when the outer layer of skin overgrows and envelop collagen fibers.  They are small benign tumors that are not inflammatory, arise from cells of preexistent tissue, and posses no physiological function.  Their formation is confined to a small area of skin.  Typically skin tags appear on folds of the skin or skin creases.

Skin tags initially occur as tiny bumps which over time protrudes from the surface of the skin on a narrow fleshy stalk called a ‘peduncle’.  They vary in size and shape and are generally noticed around the neck, eyelids, armpits, and groin area.


Natural Treatments Cure Skin Tags Caused by:

–       Hereditary.  Individuals who have immediate family members with this condition are known to develop it in the long run.

–       Obesity gives rise to more skin folds.  Rubbing of skin surface against another typically causes skin tags.

–       Hormone changes.  Hormonal imbalances noticed during the aging process or due to disease conditions.

–       Overexposure to sun increases the potential of developing skin tags.

Skin tags can either be smooth or wrinkled in appearance and generally are dark brown in color.  Skin tags are medically also known as cutaneous papillomas, fibroepithelial polyps, fibroma molluscum, or fibroma pendulum.


Treatment Options:

Since this is a harmless condition it generally does not require treatment.  Skin tag removal is only done for cosmetic reasons and severe forms needs to be cauterized either by cryotherapy or electrosurgery.  Cryotherapy involves freezing the skin tags using liquid nitrogen to destroy them.  In electrosurgery procedure high-frequency electric current is applied on the area as a means to excise the tags.  Scarring could result from these procedures.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Skin Tags:

–       Applying a paste made from black walnut hull with pure aloe vera gel helps in getting rid of the tag.

–       Extract juice from the stem of the dandelion plant and apply directly on the skin tags covering the area with a bandage for maximum absorption into the skin.  Regular application causes the skin tags to fall off.

–       Apply fresh onion juice on the area regularly to enable skin tags to fall of naturally.

–       Apply a paste made from 3 tbsp bloodroot powder and 3 tbsp galangal root powder directly on the area and cover it with sterile gauze.  In a few days the tag should fall off.

–       Apply several drops of castor oil combined with herbal lomatium extract to the skin tags to get rid of it eventually.

–       Regular applications of 2 drops tea tree oil directly on the area enables skin tag removal naturally.



Skin tags are very common soft lesions that appear to hang off the skin. Though skin tags are painless it can cause a lot of discomfort when it rubs against clothing or jewelry.  Tiny skin tags can be removed or minimized with home remedies.  They are generally pain free and easy methods though it may require patience.  Larger or recurrent tags need to be removed under the guidance of a certified health professional to avoid permanent scarring.


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