How to Cure Snoring at Home Naturally

How to Cure Snoring at Home Naturally

A good night’s sleep is not much to ask for, but if you have a spouse or partner who snores, it can give you sleepless nights.  Snoring can be very frustrating and annoying.  Treating this condition naturally is a safe and effective way.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is a breathing abnormality with a rough hoarse noise due to vibration of the soft palate, normally noticed during sleep.  This is a condition in which the airways are obstructed thereby interfering with the normal breathing mechanism.


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Symptoms of Snoring That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

Cure Snoring at Home

–       Tossing and turning in bed in order to find the correct position to breathe easily.

–       Excessive daytime sleepiness.

–       Mood swings.

–       Irritability.

–       Depression.

Home Treatments Cure Snoring Caused by:

–       Menopause:  Snoring increasingly common in women after menopause when the hormone, estrogen, level dips.  Estrogen is thought to protect against obstructive sleep apnea.

–       Overweight:  Excessive weight in and around the neck causes pressure on the muscles disrupting normal breathing process.

–       Blocked Nose:  Congested nasal airway, cold, allergies make snoring worse.

–       Hypotonia:  Muscular weakness around the mouth during the aging process can increase snoring.

–       Septal Defect:  Septal deviation due to trauma increases the chances of snoring.

Types of Snoring:

Primary Snoring:  Snoring without fleeting cessation of respiration is known as primary or simple snoring.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea:  While asleep the air flow pauses during breathing because of a blocked or narrowed airway causing snoring.

Treatment Options:

Snoring may be caused due to various factors.  It could be due to a physical condition like deviated septum or enlarged tonsils.  It could be due to overweight or narcolepsy (brief attacks of deep sleep).  The key to overcome snoring is to identify the exact cause.  Snoring can be managed by certain breathing techniques, lifestyle modifications, and dietary changes.

Natural Treatments That Can Cure Snoring:

–       A warm relaxing bath before bedtime recommended.  Add herbs like lavender, passion flower, chamomile to the bath water to relax the body and enable a good night’s sleep.

–       Tea and honey relaxes the throat muscles and opens up the throat enabling proper breathing thereby reducing snoring.

–       Alcohol consumption to be avoided before bedtime.  It is known to relax the muscles around the mouth, thus drinking alcohol around bedtime increases the chances of snoring.

–       Dairy products are known to encourage mucus production which in turn congests the nasal air passage.  Eliminating milk may help some snorers.

–       Heavy meals at dinnertime to be avoided.  Food in the abdomen places a lot of pressure in the diaphragm, found at the base of the chest, resulting in narrowing of the nasal passages leading to snoring.

–       Smoking is not directly linked to snoring, but smoking can give rise to throat allergies that can cause snoring.  So smoking cessation is advised.

–       Enlarged tonsils also could lead to breathing problems.  So if you have infected tonsils get them treated.

–       Snorers are advised not to sleep on their back but encouraged to sleep on the sides or stomach.  Sleeping on the back causes the back of the tongue and soft palate fall to the back wall of the throat giving a vibrating sound while breathing during sleep.

–       Keep the sinuses open to enable breathing through the nose.  Boil water to which a few drops of eucalyptus oil have been added and inhale the steam to clear the sinuses.

–       Sleep without a pillow as an elevated head increases snoring.  Instead elevate the head of the bed by placing some blocks under the front legs of the bed to enable proper breathing.

–       Encourage proper breathing techniques by way of breathing exercises.  Snorers tend to over breathe, take in big gulps of air with enough energy to vibrate the soft palate.  Deep inhaling and exhaling breathing exercises done regularly help to cure snoring.

Snoring is a curable condition.  However, severe episodes can deprive your vital organs of oxygen, cause high blood pressure, and can lead to an increased risk of heart disease or stroke.  Depending on the severity of the condition, seek prompt medical help when the need arises.


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