How to Cure Staph Infection or MRSA at Home Naturally

How to Cure Staph Infection at Home Naturally

Staph infection is the medical term used when an infection occurs due to the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus.

This form of bacteria is relatively harmless when it is present on the skin surface.

The problem arises only when the bacteria enters the body by way of cuts or bruises.  Staph infections can be effectively prevented from worsening naturally.


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Cure Staph Infection or MRSA

What is Staph Infection?

Staph is a short form of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.  It is a common bacterium known to cause numerous disease conditions in the human body.  This is a gram-positive, spherical bacterium that can occur singly, in pairs, or in clusters that resemble a bunch of grapes.  It includes pathogens that can infect the skin and mucous membranes.


Symptoms of Staph Infection That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Swollen, tender, red skin.

–       Skin redness with pus filled blisters.

–       Boils, rashes.

Severe infections can cause –

–       Fever, chills.

–       Shortness of breath.

–       Headache.


Natural Treatments Cure Staph Infection Caused by:

–       Skin contact with infected individuals.

–       Skin contact with articles used by the infected person.

–       Immune system impaired due to disease conditions or therapies.

–       Device implants requiring surgical incision.

–       Hot, humid environment encourages growth of Staph bacteria.

–       Improper hygienic conditions.


Types of Staph Infection:

Typically staphylococcus first infects the skin and its structures or invades through damaged skin.  It can enter the blood stream causing severe harm to the body.  Infections can occur in various forms and the most common are:

Folliculitis – This condition arise when the hair follicles are infected generally occurring after an episode of shaving.  Small, white heads are noticed at the base of the hair shafts with redness surrounding it.

Cellulitis generally occurs when the surface of the skin is bruised or cut.  The infection is not localized and is characterized by subcutaneous inflammation of connective tissues.

Impetigo initially begins as a pimple that later becomes crusty which is usually yellow in color.  It may be itchy and can spread to a wider skin area.

Boils or furuncles are pus-filled lumps on the skin that are often painful and draining.  A cluster of furuncles are termed as carbuncle.

Staph is also known to release toxins in the body causing toxic shock syndrome, a rare life-threatening condition.


Treatment Options:

Any area with pus, drainage, or blisters needs to be cultured to identify the Staphylococcus bacteria.  Further testing is required to distinguish if the Staph is resistant to methicillin or any other antibiotics.  Drainage of pus along with oral antibiotics is the popular treatment method.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Staph Infection:

–       Consuming 1-2 garlic cloves with the first sign of symptoms is recommended as garlic has antibacterial properties enabling the body to fight against infections.

–       Alternatively one can crush a garlic clove and apply on the affected area to disinfect the wound.

–       With a sterilized cotton swab clean the wound with water combined with sea salts to disinfect the area.

–       Tea tree oil known for its antiseptic properties when applied directly on the infected area can relieve symptoms of Staph infections.

–       Combine equal parts of thyme and cleaver herbs and drink a concoction made from them regularly to cure Staph infections.

–       Lavender essential oil inhibits the bacteria causing infection thereby relieving symptoms.

–       Applying a hot poultice made of turmeric powder alleviates pain and enables the abscess to subside without requiring an incision to drain out the pus.

–       Apply hot compresses on the affected area to reduce pain and promote pus drainage.


Anyone is at risk of developing a Staph infection.  Maintaining proper personal hygiene and avoiding trigger factors are sufficient to stop one from getting infected by the Staph bacteria.  Staph is known to cause both mild and severe illnesses.  Severe conditions may require immediate medical care.


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