How to Cure Stress, Depression and Anxiety at Home Naturally

How to Cure Stress, Depression and Anxiety at Home Naturally

It is easy to slip into the motion of daily routine without any real sense of enjoyment or enthusiasm.  Psychological problems does not hit one like a speeding truck, it develops over time.  With so many pressures at our times, it is easy for a person to fall victim to the worst psychological states of all, depression, anxiety; and stress.  Herbal remedies are effective in relieving the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.


What are Stress, Depression, and Anxiety?

Depression is a psychotic disorder characterized by sadness, concentration and thinking difficulties, inactivity, lack of appetite and sleep, and a feeling of hopelessness.  Anxiety is an extreme uneasiness of the mind, a fearful concern usually over an impending illness.  Stress on the other hand is either a bodily or mental tension caused by factors that alter the existing equilibrium.


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Symptoms of Stress, Depression, and Anxiety That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Feeling sad with frequent bouts of crying.

–       Diminished interest in daily activities.

–       Lack of appetite and sleep.

–       Disturbed sleep routine.

–       Fatigue.

–       Lack of concentration and thinking abilities.


Natural Treatments Cure Stress, Depression, and Anxiety Caused by:

–       There is a genetic aspect to depression.  Having a parent who suffers may make you more liable in developing this disorder.

–       Unable to adapt to a change in the environment.

–       Death in the family.

–       Chronic illness.

–       Poor nutrition.

–       Stressful life situations.


Types of Stress, Depression, and Anxiety:

Stress is classified into eustress (healthy stress with a feeling of fulfillment) and distress (a bad stress causing great pain, anxiety, etc.).  Both can be long lasting or short term.

Anxiety can be of various types namely – panic disorder (sudden overpowering fright), post-traumatic stress disorder (behavioral state resulting from physical injury or emotional stress), social anxiety disorder (stress caused by everyday social situations), phobias (unexplained fear), or obsessive-compulsive disorders (compulsive routines due to fear).

Depression is of situational or reactive depression (adjustment disorder), atypical depression (environmental factors control their mood), chronic depression (symptoms last for a longer period), melancholic depression (lose interest in daily activities), psychotic depression (symptoms are psychotic in nature).


Treatment Options:

Antidepressants or psychological therapies (or a combination of both) are may be just what the individual would need to get back on track in severe cases.  Asking for help, forming support groups and cognitive behavior therapies help.  The key is to make the people involved understand the thought patterns associated with depression and teach them how to break negative thinking.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Stress, Depression and Anxiety:

–       St. John’s Wort is a natural antidepressant.  Tea consumed a couple of times per day is a natural remedy for depression.

–       Drinking a cup of tea made from kava root regularly helps in treating stress and anxiety.

–       Siberian ginseng’s root bark used medicinally is known to improve the sense of an individual’s well-being and therefore recommended for treating depression.

–       Drinking winter cherry tea regularly is highly beneficial for those individuals suffering from stress and anxiety because of its neuroprotective effects.

–       Aromatherapy using lemon balm essential oil is good for treating depression and anxiety.

–       Passion flower herb has a tranquilizing effect and works wonders for anxiety sufferers.  Combine passion flower with valerian root extracts for more effectiveness.  Valerian root is known to calm the nerves and is a herbal sleeping aid.

–       Going for a walk or a run gives one a natural high by releasing mood-boosting chemicals such as endorphins in the brain, and is often recommended for mood disorder sufferers.

–       Gradually cutting down on caffeinated beverages is helpful to tackle anxiousness causing depression.

–       Techniques such as meditation, breathing, and yoga helps in focusing on the present and stop thoughts winding out of control.


These measures are helpful for people with relapsing depression who do not want to take antidepressants long term.  However, severe cases of depression need to be treated promptly by a trained physician.


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