How to Cure Stutter at Home Naturally

How to Cure Stutter at Home Naturally

Most of us experience anxious moments before a public talk leading to stutters during the speech.  This is quite natural.  Stuttering as a speech problem, however, is generally noticed around the time when children start putting words together.  Stuttering tends to prolong into adulthood more often though in some cases it is known to resolve on its own.


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What is Stutter?

Cure Stutter at Home

To speak with involuntary spasmodic repetition or blocking of speech is termed as stutter.  Stuttering is a speech disorder that occurs when too much tension is placed on the muscles that produces speech.  It is a disturbance noticed in normal fluent speech.


Symptoms of Stutter That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Difficulty in starting a sentence.

–       Prolonged hesitancy while speaking.

–       Repetition of words.

–       Jaw jerking movements or unusual facial movements while attempting to speak.


Natural Treatments Cure Stutter Caused by:

Stuttering can occur when many factors come together with varied causes in different people.  More common causes are:

–       Muscular problems.

–       An individual who stutters most likely have a family member who stutters also.

–       Nerve disorder.

–       Trauma to the head causing brain injuries.

–       Emotional stress.

–       Low self esteem.


Types of Stutter:

Blocks:  Speech is affected by blocks than actual stuttering.

Repetitions:  Repeating a sound, single word, or syllable during speech.

Prolongation:  When the beginning of a word is stretched out during speech.

Hesitancy:  Hesitate to start a phrase or short pauses leading to breaks in speech.


Treatment Options:

Speech and language therapy, prescription drugs, and psychological therapies have known to benefit speech disorders.  There is no known one best treatment for stuttering and a combination of the available treatment options may be beneficial.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Stutter:

There are no precise prevention techniques for stuttering.  Stuttering can be helped though by the following:

–       Centella asiatica (Vallarai) herbal leaves, dried and powdered, when consumed regularly in small quantities reduce stammering symptoms.

–       Alternatively Vallarai leaves made into a paste and consumed with milk is beneficial.

–       Wild yam is a natural muscle relaxant.  Consume tea made from wild yam regularly to calm the muscles thereby reducing stuttering caused due to muscle problems.

–       Make a paste from grinding a couple of soaked almonds with 10 corns of black pepper and honey and lick it like a candy to provide relief from stuttering.

–       Kava herb is beneficial in reducing stuttering caused due to stressful situations.

–       Stuttering caused due to anxiety or panic attacks can be reduced by drinking lemon balm tea to calm the nerves.  While brewing the tea care should be taken to cover the pan at all times to hold in the steam for best effects.

–       Massage the head with warm thyme-leaved gratiola (brahmi) oil and wash it off with warm water after 30 mins to clear stuttering.

–       Chew fresh Indian gooseberry (amla) or mix 1 tsp of amla powder with clarified butter and lick it regularly to overcome stammering.

–       Do not speak in a hurry.  Frame short sentences while speaking and take time to breathe while talking.

–       Stay away from alcohol, recreational drugs, and smoking.  Avoid caffeinated and carbonated beverages as they drain the body of nutrients.

Stuttering symptoms have been helped by home remedies but there are no instant or miracle cures.  When the onset of stuttering is sudden or accompanies other unusual symptoms seek medical help immediately.


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