How to Cure Tiredness and Sleeplessness at Home Naturally

How to Cure Tiredness and Sleeplessness at Home Naturally

One in three of us have difficulty sleeping and feeling tired during the day.  You may fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow but wake up frequently at night and feel tired and groggy the next morning.  Herbal cures for sleeplessness are a safer bet.


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What is Tiredness and Sleeplessness?

Sleep is a natural recurrent period of suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored.  Sleeplessness is a sleeping disorder characterized by a prolonged inability to achieve adequate sleep.  Frequent sleepless nights leads to decreased physical strength and tiredness.


Symptoms of Tiredness and Sleeplessness That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Difficulty falling asleep.

–       Tossing and turning.

–       Difficulty staying asleep.

–       Waking up before the expected time.


Natural Treatments Cure Tiredness and Sleeplessness Caused by:

–       Snoring.

–       Restless partner.

–       Needing to use the washroom frequently at night.

–       Restless legs syndrome.


Types of Tiredness and Sleeplessness:

Sleeplessness is categorized into.

Transient insomnia is related to stress and typically resolves when the situational stress is resolved or the body adapts to the stressors.

Chronic insomnia is associated to a medical condition and once the medical disorder is cured sleeplessness is also resolved.

Delayed sleep-phase syndrome:  Here the sleep is delayed by 2 hours or more of the conventional bedtime thus causing difficulty to wake up at the desired time.

Advanced sleep-phase syndrome:  This is a disorder wherein the sleep is advanced much before the desired bedtime.  The individual wakes up too early in the morning causing tiredness at the end of the day.


Treatment Options:

Initially most practitioners recommend non-pharmacological techniques like relaxation therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.  When these measures are not effective, hypnotics are used for immediate response, though long-term use has its own side effects.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Tiredness and Sleeplessness:

–       After a hot shower drink a glass of warm milk with honey.  Milk contains a protein that improves the quality of sleep thereby increasing alertness the next day.

–       Insomnia due to blood deficiencies can be treated by consuming around 6 dates regularly.

–       Make a fine powder from four nutmegs and consume them with water in small quantities regularly to induce sleep.

–       Slice onions and store in a jar.  Before going to bed take deep sniffs from the contents of the jar to induce good sleep.

–       Consume herbal tea made from steeping skull cap, chamomile, valerian, and passion flower in boiling water for 5 mins.  This is an effective sleeping aid.

–       Try and get a head or foot massage with warm sesame oil before bedtime to relax the body and induce sleep.

–       Take 1 cup of tomato juice with honey and a pinch of nutmeg powder one hour before dinner to induce good sleep.

–       Sit down, meditate and focus on your breathing before going to bed.

–       Avoid excess alcohol intake and nicotine use after sunset since both are stimulants and disrupts normal sleep pattern.

–       When the feet are cold at night it upsets the release of sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin.  Wear socks and protect feet from cold during winter days.

–       Avoid taking naps during the day.

–       Avoid exercising close to bedtime as it only leaves you stimulated disrupting the normal sleep pattern.

–       Avoid heavy meals before bedtime as it stresses the digestive system preventing proper sleep.


When one bad night can result in tiredness in an individual, the impact of long-term sleeplessness is far more grave.  Judgment, coordination, concentration abilities are affected resulting in poor output at the workplace.  Hypertension becomes on the rise.  Immunity levels are lowered increasing the body’s vulnerability to infections.  It is known to decrease the blood-clotting abilities.  Sleep problems can lead to weight gain.  The list is endless.  It is best to consult a sleep specialist if facing continuous issues with sleeplessness.


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