How to Cure Tongue Fissures at Home Naturally

How to Cure Tongue Fissures at Home Naturally

Tongue is a muscular organ in the mouth, which helps in chewing and swallowing of food, and formation of speech.  The sense of taste is often associated with the tongue.  It is a highly sensitive organ to touch, temperature, and pain.  Hence any form of tongue injuries can be a painful condition and tongue fissures is one such form.  Natural treatment methods for tongue problems are effective without causing any side effects.


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What are Tongue Fissures?

Tongue Fissures - YOu can cure it

Fissured tongue also known as scrotal tongue is characterized by folds and fissures in the top surface of the tongue.  The tongue appears cracked on the surface and edges.  The fissures are of variable depths and extend laterally from a median groove.  Generally not painful, but when food particles and debris gets lodged in them it may cause an inflammatory condition known as glossitis.


Symptoms of Tongue Fissures That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Cracks, splits on the top surface and sides of the tongue.

–       Redness.

–       Swelling.


Natural Treatments Cure Tongue Fissures Caused by:

–       Allergic reaction.

–       Systemic yeast infection.

–       Stress.

–       Disease condition.

–       Constant friction of the tongue against uneven or broken tooth.

–       Genetics.

A fissured tongue is a benign condition and often associated with Down’s syndrome and Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome.  The symptoms are similar to that of a tongue condition known as geographic tongue.


Treatment Options:

Definitive therapy or medications may not be required for fissured tongue.  However, severe symptoms may respond to topical steroid applications, antibacterial and antifungal medications; but long term use is not recommended.  If there are any related medical conditions, treatment of these may improve the condition of the tongue.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Tongue Fissures:

–       Plenty of exercise, lots of fluids, and a healthy diet are recommended to improve the body’s immune system.

–       Mix coriander powder with a little honey and consume this in small quantities regularly to help heal the fissures.  Coriander has natural antibacterial properties.

–       Holy basil leaves is most often recommended for oral care because of its natural antibacterial properties.  Chew a couple of fresh raw leaves regularly to heal the wounds naturally.  It also acts as a natural mouth freshener and its affects last for longer periods of time.

–       Alum root is a natural antiseptic.  Place one ounce of chopped root in a jar.  Fill to the top with boiling water, cover and let sit overnight.  Strain and use the liquid as a mouthwash regularly until the symptoms subside.

–       Pure glycerin can kill bacteria by drawing water away from them.  Vegetable glycerin is utilized as a topical cure for fungal and yeast infections.  Fissured tongue symptoms can be alleviated by applying glycerin on the tongue frequently.

–       Include plain yogurt without sweeteners in your daily diet to enable healing of the fissures.  Yogurt has active healthy bacteria that check the growth of yeast thereby healing tongue fissures due to yeast infections.

–       Brushing the top surface of the tongue often to remove any debris that may be lodged between the grooves is recommended to relieve tongue fissure symptoms.

–       Avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol consumption, and smoking to enable a quicker healing process.  Also avoid spicy and acidic food known to cause blisters and fissures on the tongue.

Most often maintaining good oral hygiene is sufficient to relieve symptoms, but effective treatment of more severe cases may require medical assistance.


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