How to Cure Vertigo and Dizziness at Home Naturally

How to Cure Vertigo and Dizziness at Home Naturally

Many of us would have whirled as a child, just because we fancied the dizzy sensation once the spinning stopped, or because it was elating.  However, it is not possible to whirl for a long duration without experiencing vertigo.  Vertigo is an illusion of movement when in actuality no movement is present.  It is actually a balance disorder.  Natural home remedies can minimize the symptoms and recurrence of vertigo episodes.


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What is Vertigo and Dizziness?

Cure Vertigo and Dizziness at Home

Dizziness is a confused state of unstableness, a feeling of not fixed in position.  Vertigo on the other hand is a type of dizziness with a spinning sensation.  The individual’s surroundings seem to move in circles dizzily.  It is considered as a principal sign of balance disorder.


Symptoms of Vertigo and Dizziness That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

Vertigo is not a disease in itself rather it is considered a symptom of some underlying disease condition.  Thus the symptoms are varied, the main being:

–       Unsteadiness.

–       A sensation of motion either of the person or the surroundings.

–       Nausea or vomiting.

–       Abnormal eye movements.

–       A ringing sensation in the ears.


Natural Treatments Cure Vertigo and Dizziness Caused by:

There are various reasons for experiencing dizzy spells; the most likely causes being an ear infection; or a stomach ailment, poor eating habits, lack of nutrition leading to low energy and dizziness.  Vertigo may be caused due to:

–       Recurrent migraine headaches.

–       Oxygen deficiency or overdose of oxygen.

–       Motion sickness induced when the body is in constant motion (like bus or car journey, air travel, etc.).

–       Post head injury or neck trauma.

–       Inflammation of the labyrinth in the inner ear generally due to a viral infection can cause dizzy spells or vertigo.

–       Vestibular neuritis or inflammation of the vestibular nerve coming from the inner ear can lead to vertigo.


Types of Vertigo and Dizziness:

Peripheral vertigo:  When there is a disorder or infection of the inner ear that controls the body’s balance, it causes peripheral vertigo.

Central vertigo:  Here certain neurodegenerative disorders, multiple sclerosis, tumors, cerebrovascular disorders, psychiatric disorders, or certain drugs are responsible for the dizzy episodes.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo:  The dizziness is of a sudden onset and comes with the head in a particular position.  This type falls in the peripheral vertigo category and is termed as benign as it is not a life-threatening condition.

Migraine associated vertigo:  Migraines are recurrent severe headaches often accompanied by nausea and vomiting.  Generally many migraine sufferers have dizziness and/or vertigo as their main symptoms than a headache itself.  This type of vertigo falls into the central vertigo category.


Treatment Options:

Prescription medicines are used to treat vertigo.  In most cases, treatment depends on identifying the underlying causes and treating accordingly.  The use of several physical maneuvers known as vestibular rehabilitation exercises are the most common forms of treating mild vertigo conditions.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Vertigo and Dizziness:

–       The extracts taken from the leaves of the tree Gingko is used to treat a range of symptoms with vertigo being one of them.  It is known to decrease the intensity of vertigo episodes.

–       Ginger is a common culinary spice and this rhizome in its powdered form is known to pacify vertigo symptoms.  Alternatively drinking ginger tea frequently is also beneficial.

–       Basil is an effective herbal remedy for dizziness.  Boil milk to which a couple of basil leaves are added and consume before going to bed.  It gives relief from dizziness.

–       Mix the juice of half a lemon in a cup of water with some black pepper and salt and drink regularly to treat dizzy spells.

–       Soak a handful of almonds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, and 3 tbsp of wheat in water overnight.  Combine this into a mixture the next day and consume it with milk for relief.

–       Add the zest of citrus fruits to yoghurt, salads and other delicacies regularly as this helps to appease the spinning sensation.

–       Soak gooseberry powder and coriander seeds of equal quantity in water overnight.  Strain, mix honey and consume for relief.

–       Some vertigo episodes may be due to low blood pressure.  Food rich in proteins (almonds, pumpkin seeds), vitamin C (orange, strawberries, tomatoes) and vitamin B (legumes, potatoes, peanuts) are effective in treating low pressure naturally.

–       Above all drink plenty of water, have regular meals, and get ample rest to reduce vertigo recurrences.

Frequent vertigo episodes can hamper one’s lifestyle.  For instance it can hinder your driving abilities.  If the vertigo recurrences worsen over time or any new symptoms arise, do visit a certified physician immediately.


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