How to Improve Hearing at Home Naturally

How to Improve Hearing at Home Naturally

Taking care of your ears is important as it part of the five senses that are essential for the day-to-day functioning of human beings.  This sense organ helps us to interact with the outer world.  Loss in the ability to hear or differentiate sounds can lead to permanent deafness.  There are natural methods that assist in improving hearing difficulties without the use of hearing aids or surgeries.


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What is Hearing Loss ?

Improve Hearing at Home

Sound waves move through air into the external auditory canal, hit the tympanic membrane and cause the membrane to move.  This movement is transmitted to the middle ear bones connected to the tympanic membrane.  These vibrations are in turn transmitted to the fluid surrounding the cochlea, an inner ear structure, resulting in hearing.  Deficiency in this sense of hearing is termed as hearing loss.


Symptoms of Hearing Problems That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Difficulty in distinguishing certain sounds like ‘s’ or ‘th’ from one another.

–       Ringing in the ears.

–       Spinning sensation.

–       Sudden hearing difficulties either in 1 or both ears and is prolonged.

–       Outside sound sources are softer and own voice may sound louder.

–       Ear pain.


Natural Treatments Cure Hearing Problems Caused by:

–       Age related.

–       Infections.

–       Impacted ear wax.

–       Disease conditions like meningitis, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, etc.

–       Trauma to the head.


Types of Hearing Problems:

Sensorineural hearing loss occurs when parts of the inner ear do not function properly.

Neural hearing loss when the hearing nerve does not function effectively.

Singe sided deafness – a deep seated hearing loss in one ear only.


Treatment Options:

Treatment depends on the cause of the problem.  Over-the-counter prescriptions to soften the wax are often given if wax build up is the cause, medications to cure infections and disease conditions are also given.  More severe cases may require surgical interventions, and when it cannot be cured, use of hearing aids is recommended.


Natural Treatments That Can Improve Hearing:

–       Sound therapy enhances the performance of the ear.  It impacts the ear with sound waves that stimulate and enhance the responsiveness of the ear itself.  Listen to low music or sounds recorded through headphones to stimulate the brain and revitalize the ear.

–       Avoid loud noises.  Being subjected to irritating, extremely loud, shrill noises every day like listening to extremely loud music with headphones, power tools, etc. can damage the eardrums.  If your work environment involves loud noises, wear ear protectors.

–       Never use foreign objects to probe or clean the ear canals.

–       Train the ears to pick sounds only that are essential.  Try this simple drill to filter out unwanted sounds.  Play some music on your radio station.  Then call up your best friend and start a conversation without paying any attention to the music played.  This helps your ears to identify only sounds that you want to hear.

–       The electromagnetic waves emitted from cellphones affect the inner-ear mechanism with over use at times causing high frequency hearing loss.  Keep the volume of your phone down, and cut down on your talk time to prevent any hearing loss development.

–       Olives treat ear infections effectively.  A few drops of warm olive oil mixed with garlic oil should be put in the infected ear with the help of a dropper for benefits.  Olive soothes and protects the outer ear canal as it contains antimicrobial properties.

–       The spiral organs in the ear contain the major concentration of zinc and a deficiency in zinc may increase hearing loss symptoms.  Diet rich in zinc found in avocado, cauliflower, fish, eggs, kiwi fruit, etc.; is beneficial for sufferers.

–       Apply a few drops of glycerin in the ears allowing excess fluid to flow out.  This will loosen the wax and cure hearing problems due to wax buildup.

–       The dizziness experienced after excessive alcohol consumption is because it causes an imbalance in fluids present in the inner ear which can cause hearing problems.  Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

–       Drink plenty of water as dehydration is not good for the inner-ear functions.

Certain conditions affecting hearing abilities can be treated effectively only with medical treatments and drugs.  See an ENT specialist or an audiologist for effective management of hearing loss.  The sooner you begin treating hearing problems the better the results.


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