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How to Cure Back Pain at Home Naturally

How to Cure Back Pain at Home Naturally

Back pain is the most common and difficult condition experienced by many giving rise to frustrations and discomfiture.  However, back pain at many a time is a symptom of an underlying disease condition and is not a medical condition in itself.  Topical application of herbs is devoid of any side effects, and exercises, are the most sought after natural remedies for effective management of back pain.


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What is Back Pain?

How to Cure Back Pain at Home Naturally

Back pain is characterized by mild or severe pain and discomfort experienced especially in the lower back area.  The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body that branches out from the lower part of the spinal cord.  It is responsible for movement and sensation felt in the lower body regions, especially legs and feet.  When the sciatic nerve is inflamed, injured or compressed it causes back pain.


Symptoms of Back Pain That Can be Cured by Natural Treatments:

–       Sharp, shooting pain in the back regions along the spinal column.

–       Weakness, numbness, or burning and tingling sensations in the back regions.

–       Pain with sitting for long periods of time.

–       Difficulty to stand from a sitting position.


Natural Treatments Cure Back Pain Caused by:

–       Herniated or ruptured disc.

–       Lumbar muscle strain or abnormal positioning of lumbar vertebra.

–       Inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

–       Spinal stenosis.

–       Osteoporosis.

–       Trauma or injuries to the back.

–       Excess lifting of heavy objects.


Types of Back Pain:

Back pain can be divided into:  (1)  Neck pain also known as cervical pain.  (2)  Upper back pain.  (3)  Lower back pain or sciatica.  (4)  Tailbone pain.


Treatment Options:

The treatment for back pain depends on its specific cause, therefore proper diagnosis is warranted.  It usually involves self care and non-surgical methods.  Minor pains recover completely by simply avoiding strain to the back.  Exercises or medications may help in relieving moderate symptoms.  However, in more severe cases surgery may be an option.


Natural Treatments That Can Cure Back Pain:

–       Devil’s claw herb is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties and therefore recommended for back pain sufferers.  Boil a cup of water and add ½ to 1 tsp dried, crushed rhizome of devil’s claw.  Simmer for 15 min.  Strain and drink 2 cups a day to reduce pain.

–       Oil of evening primrose herb has anti-inflammatory properties.  Similarly wintergreen oil contains methyl salicylate, an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.  The oils can be gently massaged onto the affected areas in the back to treat backache and relax sore muscles.

–       White willow bark is a natural pain reliever.  Boil 2 cups of water.  Add 4 tsp of chopped willow bark and turn off the heat.  Steep for 20 min.  Strain, add a few cinnamon sticks and honey for flavor.  Drink 3-4 cups of this herbal tea a day for pain relief.

–       Fry gently 4 garlic cloves in 50 ml sesame oil in a frying pan until it turns semi red.  Cool and strain.  Gently massage this warm garlic infused oil on the back regions for relief.

–       Heat therapy is a natural alternative for pain management.  There are several ways that one can apply heat to the painful areas.  Wheat bags are therapeutic devices used for heat therapy.  Heat a wheat bag in microwave and apply to the affected area.  It moulds to the painful areas easily giving immediate relief.

–       Lie on the back with hands slightly apart from the body and feet held together.  Bend the legs at knees with feet on the ground.  Gently lower both legs on the floor in one direction with the head turned the other direction.  Inhale, hold your breath and stay in this posture for 30-60 sec.  Come back to the normal position while exhaling.  Reverse the sides.  Repeat this 5 times for pain relief.

–       Lie on the back on a firm surface.  Raise both legs upwards simultaneously as far as you can and stay in this position for 30 sec holding your breath.  Gradually bring it down while exhaling.  Repeat this 3-5 times for pain relief.

–       Strengthen low back muscles to support the spine.  Stand with the back to the wall.  With feet apart, slowly slide down the wall as far as possible, and then back up.  With this stretch the individual should feel the ‘pull’ in the lower back.

–       Back pain can also result from poor posture both while sitting and standing.  Sit with the back straight and not in a slouched position.  Keep both feet firm on the floor.  Review your daily routine and eliminate activities that are bad for the back.

–       If your work involves sitting for long durations certain exercises can be performed at your work desk.  Sit comfortably in your chair with both feet on the ground.  Relax the shoulders and look straight.  Place both hands on your thighs.  Slowly squeeze the shoulder blades together.  Hold for 10 sec gradually increasing to 30 sec with repetitions.

If the symptoms do not improve but persist beyond a couple of days, or if it awakens you at night get an immediate professional opinion for more effective management strategies.


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